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Bev bashed again… dancers fondled on stage

By Latwell Nyangu

Raunchy dancer Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda was on Friday bashed after slapping a fan who had fondled her buttocks. The dancer, who is on a nationwide tour, was on stage at PaGomo Bar in Kariba.

Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage
Raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda on stage (Picture by NewsDay)

Bev reportedly warned the fan who then responded with vulgar words, a scenario which didn’t go well with the dancer who slapped him.

In ire, the fan teamed up with his colleagues and caused mayhem forcing the bar to close earlier.

“The place was packed but vaingobata bata madancers pastage, vaingobata pese pese and mumwe wacho akandituka.

“Ndikamudzorerawo before they teamed vakandira doro (opaque beer) and the show was only left with ten minutes.

“They didn’t beat me up but vakati haubude muno,” said Bev while downplaying the issue of being beaten.

Her manager Harpers Mapimhidze confirmed the mayhem and urged promoters to protect female artistes.

“Promoters should have adequate security because Bev is a lady and she feels unprotected.

“I urge promoters to protect dancers and they should be given that much needed security.

“It happened and we condemn violence, the bar was closed because the violence was too much.

“We need tight security so that musikana atambe zviri safe just like what they do to Jah Prayzah and Alick Macheso among other artistes,” said Harpers.

A close source who was at the venue said: “Bev akatukwa nefan and she slapped him, before the fan’s colleagues joined in attacking her; they beat her up.

“Bottles were thrown everywhere and had it not been contained paigona kufiwa.”

It has been long since Bev visited Kariba and the promoter of the venue Top Dollar couldn’t be drawn into commenting on the chaos.

This is not the first time Bev had such an encounter and recently she was bashed by a bouncer together with her manager.

Meanwhile, Bev is set for Nigeria on Wednesday after holding a successful tour of the country. H Metro