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Letter from America with Ken Mufuka: US future without Trump!

By Professor Ken Mufuka

When I started writing under the trade name of Letter from America in 1984, I had come to realize that events and debates that happen in the US will spread to the rest of the world in ten years time.

Ken Mufuka
Ken Mufuka

At that time, the Internet was in its infancy. Today, events and debates that overwhelm Americans become part of everyday affairs within a few months. The Cable News Network (CNN) is the primary source of information in every hotel and bank in Zimbabwe.

The idea of same sex marriage was a joke until four years ago when US President Barack Obama adopted it as the newest frontier in human rights struggle. Today, African countries are struggling with the side effects of that decision.

Democrat presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, described President Donald Trump’s supporters in this way “a basket of deplorables.  Right? The racists, exist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic-you name it.”

That was in June 2016. Those deplorable were sufficient to elect Trump. Today 25 Democrats have thrown their hats into the ring. They want to know who will fight Goliath. In this Letter, I will describe the ideas of only two candidates, who have never held any office before (like Trump himself) but who feel that the struggle to free the US of Trumpism is so great, it needs every hand on the wheel.

Marianne Williamson, was born in 1952 of Jewish parents. Briefly married, her lifestyle is gay. A prolific writer, 13 books, 4 of which are on the New York best books list, her first book and best seller, Return to Love, 1990 best describes her philosophy.

He has been a marriage counselor, these 20 years, is the founder of Peace Alliance, and heads a climate change outfit that believes that we have only 12 years left before climatic catastrophe overwhelms the earth. She heads the America Love movement, and has taken a national speaking tour advocating the power of love.

She is best known in California for her nonprofit HIV-Aids and Angel Food program that has served those less fortunate among us. She thinks, like Ms Hillary, that Trumpism is a platform for haters.

She does not expect any fair deal from Trump, whom she regards as childish but dangerous in the way he has advocated hateful positions on immigration, race and climate change.

She, as her book puts it, is calling the US to Return to Love. If her call to battle is heeded, she will be remembered for her elitist Talmudic poetic contributions. To her, the battle to defenestrate Trump is described in the Talmud as that battle which of necessity must be fought, whose outcome is uncertain, but allows no man comfort unless he is engaged. Her second poetic contribution is that our greatest weapon is humanity itself, and the US has a moral obligation to ensure the humanity and dignity even of the Palestinians.

This is what we call Obamaspeak, a perfectly calibrated speech which which is overwhelming in its balance and sensibilities. It would make both Jews and Palestinians cool their tempers, but after Obama leaves, nothing has changed.

She has gathered 65 000 signatures in her support as we go to press. Whether this will be enough to “heal” the land, as is her mission, time will tell.

Andrew Yang is a Chinese American who was head of a tech company. Former President Obama appointed him ambassador to the international tech giants.

He, unlike other competitors, accepts that the deliberate de-industrialization of the American hinterland is the basis of Trump’s rise to power. Yang argues from experience that the US is going through de-industrialization largely because giant tech companies like Amazon have destroyed shopping malls by 30 percent.

Programs to re-educate workers have a 15 percent success. Therefore, while we calibrate new ways of futuristic occupations, we must adopt the Alaskan model of a $1 000 per month freedom payment to each citizen whether he works or not. Alaska pays $3 00 per year at Christmas.

Trump maintains an advantage over these elites. In many ways the transfer of textiles, coal mining and steel works originated from deliberate policies by the elites who said that these industries were dirty and unworthy of an advanced society. In the case of India, US policy makers wanted to alleviate poverty in that country by allowing Indian textiles into the US free of duty.

I come from South Carolina, a state which once boasted of 60 000 textile jobs. One can see the once proud red brick mill houses in every South Carolinian town, most of them now used as flea markets.

The effect on US textiles was ignored. The elites came from the academic and banking world and operated on international financial platforms. Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s children went to private Quaker schools and interned with Hollywood moguls.

Globalists at heart and Americans second, they neither understood nor cared about the textile and steel workers in the US.

They say that Trump has read only one book in the last five years, The de-industrialization of America by Irvine Bluestone.

The next weakness of the Democrat elites is the belief that good manners and breeding matter. The attention given to sexual affairs is excruciating but only causes yawns among the “deplorables.”

Good breeding went out of the window when President Bill Clinton’s manhood sprinkled all over Monica Lewinsky’s dress was displayed by Special Counsel Ken Starr in 1995. Democrats, then in opposition, refused to defenestrate Clinton on the grounds that sexual affairs are by nature private.

Secondly, when Obama allowed same sex marriages in the military, without Congressional approval, destroying a two thousand year tradition, we entered a world of anomie.

As for Zimbabwe, our greatest danger is in allowing China to take a foothold. China will not allow the development of competitive industries, and if it has been a formidable challenger to US industry, one can only imagine what damage it can do to nascent industries. The idea of America first was an attempt to regain US industrial strength.