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Man shot dead outside primary school while collecting child

A man was shot dead outside Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Coronationville, Johannesburg on Monday.

There was a shooting outside Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Corronationville.
There was a shooting outside Bernard Isaacs Primary School in Corronationville. (Picture by @TeamNews24)

It is alleged that the man was picking up a pupil from the school when two unknown suspects approached him and fired several shots.

“This Golf was supposed to pick up a child from the school and … and when he stopped here, he was approached – allegedly by two males who were walking around – and shot at several times,” Police spokesperson Captain Kay Makhubele said at the scene.

“He died instantly. We don’t know the motive, but a case of murder is being investigated” said Makhubele.

An eyewitness, who did not want to be named, said children were playing not far from the car when they suddenly dispersed after hearing the gunshots.

“This happened around 14:05. I was sitting in my house and heard something [sounding] like crackers. I actually thought it was crackers but when I looked I saw children running. They were running and some were stumbling on the floor. That’s when I saw and noticed that thd guy was shot,” the witness said.

The witnesses added that following the shooting the victim got out of the vehicle and ran towards the school. He collapsed inside the school grounds.

“A friend of his came with a BMW and rushed him to hospital because they called the ambulance but it was taking too long. ”

“He had gunshots all on the left side but was bleeding from his face. School kids are really traumatized, it’s not a nice scene,” she said.

Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward. News24