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Man (73) fatally strikes neighbour for assaulting wife

By Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu

A 73 year old man from Matobo allegedly fatally struck his neighbour with a knobkerrie on the head while trying to stop him from assaulting his wife.

United Bulawayo Hospitals
United Bulawayo Hospitals

Elijah Moyo and Walter Mhlanga (45) both of Silozwe area were working in the fields when Moyo started accusing Mhlanga of abusing his cattle, resulting in a misunderstanding.

Mhlanga followed Moyo to his homestead and started assaulting Moyo’s wife with a knobkerrie. In a bid to defend his wife, Moyo wrestled the knobkerrie out of Mhlanga’s hands and then struck him with it.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele said Mhlanga died on Tuesday last week while admitted to the United Bulawayo Hospitals.

“I can confirm that we recorded a murder incident which occurred in Silozwe area in Matobo. Elijah Moyo and Walter Mhlanga were working in Moyo’s fields on 26 March at around 10AM when they had a misunderstanding. Moyo accused Mhlanga of hitting his cattle which were pulling the plough too hard but Mhlanga dismissed the accusations,” he said.

“This didn’t go down well with Moyo and he left the fields and went home. Mhlanga, who was also disgruntled, followed Moyo armed with a knobkerrie. Moyo locked himself in one of his huts while his wife, Mrs Samukeliso Moyo, locked herself in another out of fear of being attacked by Mhlanga. Mhlanga pursued Mrs Moyo and broke the lock of the door and gained entry into the hut she was hiding in and started assaulting her with the knobkerrie.”

Chief Insp Ndebele said Moyo rushed to his wife’s rescue and Mhlanga also hit him with the knobkerrie. Moyo wrestled with Mhlanga until he took the knobkerrie and struck him several times until he lost consciousness.

He said both men sustained injuries and were referred to the United Bulawayo Hospitals. Chief Insp Ndebele said Moyo was treated and discharged while Mhlanga was admitted for six days and later died from the injuries he sustained during the attack.

Chief Inspector Ndebele said Moyo was arrested and was expected to appear in court facing a murder charge.

“As police we would like to urge people to desist from resorting to violence in order to resolve disputes but rather they have to use amicable solutions. This incident comes at a time when all our police districts within the province have issued a three month ban against the carrying of dangerous weapons.

“This is yet another incident which has been recorded as a result of a dangerous weapon. Mhlanga was carrying a knobkerrie when he went to the fields and this is the weapon that resulted in the loss of life. We will continue to intensify this ban,” he said. The Chronicle