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Catching Feelings – Lemonade Makers with Yaya Rudo

By Yaya Rudo

What is this craze about Feelings? I feel as if feelings are taking over the world. We are giving way too much power to feelings. Real Lemonade Makers have to learn to override feelings on a regular basis. Note, I am not saying Lemonade Makers do not fail when under pressure from feelings, they do and it is natural, but if one is to follow every whim of feelings nothing will ever get done.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

I am terrified by how we have institutionalized feelings, almost putting them on a podium to be appreciated by everyone. Many times I talk to grown men and women who confidently share that they are not reading and studying these days because they do not feel like it.

Other excuses include, “I am not exercising these days” or “”I’m not eating right”, “because I do not feel like it”. The worst one for me is “I’m not praying these days because I do not feel like it”. “Uri kuda kutoita zveku feeler nhai?” “You want a feeling to kick in first to start doing good”?

Let me remind you that feelings are very fickle. Some feelings last for only a few hours while others last a lot longer. Feelings are affected by so many things, from hormones, your diet, seasons right up to your bank balance. The way you feel on Christmas Eve is different from the way you feel in January when all the bills are due. It is irresponsible to base important decisions based on feelings only. 

Real Lemonade Makers commit to doing that which is right even when they do not feel like doing it. Most of the time I would rather hold on to the hurt and bitterness because it is easy and feels good as it feeds my pride. Forgiving someone is over-riding all the feelings that encourage you to hold on to pain (as if you can cash feelings at the bank). That which is good, that which is right, that which is noble is what a serious Lemonade Maker should aim for.

When I wake up every morning I have a long to-do list but the truth is I probably just feel like doing one thing off that list. I do not feeling like cleaning the house, I do not feel like jogging, I do not feel like doing the school runs, but guess what! it gets done. There’s not a single day that I woke up feeling like exercising, I do not like it at all as it does not come naturally to me, but I do exercise 5 days a week. I know it is good for me.

Another thing, I do not like vegetables and I am absolutely not a fan of drinking water, but guess what? I will eat that salad and that broccoli and wash it down with water, most of the time my eyes are closed as I pretend to be eating something I like.

I do not look forward to 6 glasses of water a day but hey! I have to take care of the body that works .My cousin Alither tells me often of the feel good hormones that are released when she runs but hey, I have never experienced it – I still run anyway.

I do not know how you are feeling right now but can you imagine if we went to school only when we felt like it? Imagine if we brushed our teeth when we felt like it? Some of us would be toothless, and still trying to graduate from grade one up to now. 

Looking into my feelings right now, honestly, I would rather sleep in everyday, start the day with my favourite Magnum chocolate ice-cream, watch all new episodes of Manifest and re-runs of Everyone Loves Raymond not forgetting  the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, then finish the week off with the Pastor bringing the church service to my house! Those are feelings, should I follow them? – Not a chance. 

If Feelings reflect the current season, then manage them, they are not there to stay. I raise my glass to Lemonade Makers who are willing to manage their feeling. Beware of catching feelings.

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