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‘Prophets’ weakness is money


Apostle Stallone Kudzadombo
Apostle Stallone Kudzadombo

He says many churches had departed from saving souls and become business entities. H-Metro’s Latwell Nyangu (LN) caught up with the prophet who opened up on this and other issues. Read on . . .

LN: What are the greatest temptations men of God face?

ST: Not women but money because it is leading men of God astray. It is causing them to walk in error and right now churches are making money; it’s no longer about saving souls but it’s about money.

LN: What about women?

ST: Off course there are men of God who are sleeping around with their own children.

LN: Can you raise the dead?

ST: I can’t raise the dead but God does. A miracle is something we can’t do but God and with men everything is impossible but with God it’s possible. I can’t heal the sick but God does.

LN: What does it take for a prophet to raise the dead?

ST: It takes sacrifice to be where my spiritual father Prophet Bushiri is. He started praying for people and he fasts a lot and the longest fasting he had was 102 days and nights last year.

End of last he fasted for 40 days and nights, so it’s not an issue about just prophesying but these people spend much time seeking the hand of the Lord.

LN: Your longest fasting?

ST: I fast a lot and there is a time that people thought I was going to die. We spend much of our time killing our flesh, talking to Him that’s when God begins to unleash his anointing.

I have fasted close to three months and after that fasting; that’s when I began to receive the power of resurrection and miracles.

LN: Is it possible to raise a dead body brought to you?

ST: It is not me who decides to raise the dead but God. Jesus would only heal a few. It’s not like people will bring the dead body but it’s God who speaks to me and it’s not everyone I pray for who will be brought to life.

LN: Why can’t you go to the mortuary to raise the dead?

ST: People are the ones who should be looking for men of God. We are not supposed to be going around claiming to raise the dead.

LN: What is relevant gospel in this generation?

ST: In the bible, there are circumstances where people have been blessed to prosper; there has to be a balance because when you are poor you become bitter. In as far as spiritual prosperity is concerned there is need for material prosperity.

LN: Tell us about spiritual fathers?

ST: In life, you need someone who speaks for you, your voice, gives you directions, you need someone who can hear God better than you and give you anointing. Sometimes we don’t understand how spiritual things work.

LN: Who is your spiritual father?

ST: I had a chance to meet one of the generals, greatest prophets, and sharpest prophets in the world, Shepherd Bushiri, popularly known as Major 1. I had an encounter with him after he gave a prophecy to my sister that I am going to be a great man of God. After that prophecy, I went to see him and he prayed for me before I started prophesying.

I met him 3 years ago and I also met him last year. I always go there and meet him after every two months. There is what we call impartation of the anointing, there is an anointing that comes from those people above us.

In ministry we need one another, I maybe anointed but I need someone who is above me spiritually and can take me to another level that is why I go to ECG church where Prophet Bushiri leads.

LN: Are you a preacher, prophet, evangelist?

ST: I am an apostle by calling but I can prophecy, so the prophetic grace is there but I started by moving in miracles. Started experiencing miracles like praying for the dead people, I once prayed for a lady who had died in Harare and I was called to pray for her via the phone and she rose up. Recently I prayed for another one in SA. We had a resurrection service when we prayed for dead phones and they are all working now.

LN: How have your miracles changed lives?

ST: Every day we are receiving miracle jobs, the unmarried, barren have children now, I declare cars, people are testifying on a daily basis.

LN: Does this generation need miracles?

Miracles are used by God to attract people to his Kingdom but people shouldn’t only follow miracles.

LN: Has Kadoma been transformed through your anointing?

ST: If you see people coming in numbers it means there is transformation, the branches are expanding, and lives are being changed.

LN: Are today’s miracles true?

ST: There are genuine and fake miracles, some men of God trying to attack other men of God. Prophet Lukau didn’t fake that miracle but he had mentioned that the man was already breathing before he prayed for him.

LN: Tell us about human sacrifices (kuromba)?

ST: It’s there and it’s not every man of God operating by the spirit of God but some are operating by the spirit of error. These people who are starting ministries for money, are going to all sorts of phases looking for juju because they don’t want to wait for God’s time.

I am always requested by people from Ghana promising give me powers but with God I will not accept that.

LN: How can innocent believers discern God’s spirit and devil’s?

ST: By seeing the life they live behind the pulpit, study their lives, because behind the scenes they are doing a lot.

LN: We are talking of a desperate generation?

ST: Jesus said, you shall know them by their fruit, people are not supposed to be after gifts but before they go for a prophecy they should check the life these prophets are living.

When somebody lays hands on you, it means they are above you spiritually, so if they have a spirit of error it will be disaster.

LN: You are popular for miracle glitters and gold dust?

ST: The Lord’s word has confirmed signs and wonders, so this is a sign to show God’s hand.

God told me that something was about to happen and glitters would appear to people, God told me that it was a sign of prosperity. It was a sign that the church was going to be centre for prosperity.

Glitters and gold dust started appearing on our congregants.

LN: Have you spoken to God directly?

ST: I have never seen God, he is spirit but I have seen his angels which appear to me when I am alive, sometimes he speaks to me through dreams and I hear his audible voice. Most of the times I see angels telling me what to do. God started talking to me when I was in form 3.

I remember when I was sitting somewhere, I heard the voice of the Lord and that time I wasn’t going to church

I was living a simple life, I met God before I met a preacher.

LN: After the calling what then followed?

ST: I started attending services at ZAOGA from there I went to another church called Light House before God gave me another vision and established the ministry.

LN: How best do we fish the generation of today?

ST: God has given us gifts of prophecy, miracles so that we attract people, in Africa if you want to invite people, you have to do something extra ordinary.

After doing such, we then teach them spiritually.

LN: And your target as a man of God?

ST: My target is to win one billion souls to Heaven and it is also my prayer that Zimbabwe will prosper one day, we just need unity. I can say we haven’t started but we are along the journey.

LN: Your greatest fear as a man of God?

ST: The greatest fear is after all these efforts then I lose Heaven. H-Metro