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Selmor pleased with support

By Trust Khosa

Selmor, daughter to the late music icon and national hero Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, is at a loss for words to describe the crowd which graced her show last Friday at the Andy Millar Hall.

Selmor Mtukudzi
Selmor Mtukudzi

The talented diva, who decided to honour her father on song and dance, said the show gave her confidence to keep the Tuku’s legacy alive.

“This attendance was beyond our expectations and I am so happy that we have started on a flier,” she said.

“From now going forward we are going to continue working hard and holding more shows to ensure we keep fans entertained.

“The crowd was just amazing as they cheered us throughout the night.

“I was also humbled by the support I got from fellow artistes who came here to perform.

“I watched all the acts and I watched them through the night and it was also a marvel watching Suluman performing till the end of the programme.”

Asked how she was managing a group comprised former Black Spirits members, she said:

“We are more of a family and all the members are professional people.

“I also treat the old guard as my parents and we don’t have a problem whatsoever.

“We crack jokes and rehearse as a team. I also take their advice because they have seen it all in the game.”

She added:

“I also want to thank my sponsors who came on board and made sure the show is a success.

“I wish to continue working with them and I will do my best for them.”

Show organiser Josh Hozheri described the show as a success.

“To be honest, the show was a success and I was humbled by the support people showed Selmor.

“Considering that there were no big names in the line-up, things have changed and we urge fans to continue supporting these artistes like Selmor.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Sasha’s act and many people didn’t know her but she justified her presence in the line-up.

“This is the kind of love we want to see, especially when hosting upcoming artistes,” he said. H-Metro