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I was wrongly interpreted: DJ Fantan

By Nyasha Kada

Popular Chillspot Records deejay/producer, DJ Fantan says he was wrongly interpreted over the “Zim dancehall” topic that has had him trending on social media in the last few days.

DJ Fantan and Enzo Ishall
DJ Fantan and Enzo Ishall

DJ Fantan said his comments were not meant to offend, disrespect or diss anyone but was just trying to put across that Chillspot had played a pivotal role in the rebranding and popularising of Zim dancehall.

“Dancehall music in Zimbabwe was there well before Chillspot Records but never was it really known as Zim dancehall, the term could have been there, yes, but not popular.

“There were so many artistes like Major E, Booker T, Innocent Utsiwegota, Potato, Winky D and Sniper and so many others that did dancehall but it wasn’t known as Zim dancehall back in the day.

“All I was trying to say was Chillspot contributed much to the term “Zim dancehall” becoming popular.

“People should also know that this was not a brag but I was trying to answer the presenter in the best way I could ,” he said.

Asked about the riddim culture Fantan said:

“Mariddim akagara ariko the likes of Masvingo, Wayout and the likes but during the interview I had been asked what was our strategy to break into the game and I said it was coming up with riddims which is the culture of dancehall.

“Coming up in the sense of saying that it was a Chillspot strategy to break into the game but not in the sense that we were the pioneers of the culture, no.”

He also said that he did not diss anyone like some online blogs insinuated.

“I saw some online blogs writing headlines “Chillspot introduced Zim dancehall not Winky D” which is not what I said, I did not mention any artiste in a negative way.

“I am not looking for any fights in the game and I see no reason why headlines like that should be put up when I didn’t say such words.

“I want to work to create a better relationship with everyone in the game,” he added.

There has been mixed feeling to DJ Fantan’s comments about Zim dancehall on social media with others agreeing to his comments whilst others think otherwise. H-Metro