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Top Bulawayo medical pathologist threatens to kill wife

By Gibson Mhaka

A top medical pathologist in Bulawayo is at the centre of a messy abuse storm amid sensational revelations by his wife that he allegedly threatened to kill her.

Thobekile Ncube
Thobekile Ncube

The shocking details are contained in court papers in which Dr Rodger Kruger Chigangacha’s wife Tholakele Ncube filed at the Bulawayo Civil Court while seeking an interim protection order against him.

So dreadful were the threats that Ncube had since vacated their matrimonial home in Killarney suburb to stay with her parents in Barbourfields.

“I have been customarily married to Dr Roger K H Chigangacha for 20 years. We have four children together aged 18, 13, 11 and four years old.

On 8 March this year, he physically abused me with fists, demanding car keys saying I should not drive as I wanted to reap where I did not sow.

“He violently chased me away from the matrimonial home on 8 March and took two of our children aged 11 and four.

“He later left the children at home without someone to look after them and he never returned. He sends me abusive text messages threatening to kill me. He also sent those threatening messages to end my life to my relatives.

“My left eye is permanently damaged as a result of the physical abuse he perpetrated on me. He brags about it and is refusing to give me money so that I undergo surgery.

He no longer provides financial assistance for his children’s needs such as fuel for transporting them to school, school trips and it affects the children’s wellbeing.

I now fear for my life and I am asking for a restraining order to be granted against him so that he stops abusing me,” begged Ncube.

She said her husband also spits at her and refuses her to socialise with other women.Ncube further claimed her husband was also involved in an adulterous relationship with a former secretary at his surgery.

In her ruling presiding magistrate Rachel Mukanga ordered the top doctor not to physically, emotionally or verbally abuse his wife or threaten her in any way.In 2014 Ncube once dragged former “Amakorokoza” actress Natasha Popova Sibanda to court accusing her of having an adulterous relationship with her husband.

Ncube said Sibanda was in the habit of coming to her matrimonial house threatening her with marching orders saying she was now the doctor’s new and loving wife.

In response Natasha openly declared her undying love for the doctor saying Ncube should come to terms with the fact that they were now both Dr Chigangacha’s wives. B-Metro.