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Harare Hospital releases medical drugs and consumables list: Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe

Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe (SOHZ) has received the list of immediate requirements for Harare Hospital from its clinical director Dr Chris Pasi, the document is attached below.

Harare Hospital
Harare Hospital

The first column is the unit measurement and the last column has the amount of units that the hospital consumes per month per product.

We now have a website so we will also post this information on the Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe (SOHZ) initiative website once our webmaster has finished uploading all the material.

We will also post the hospital lists on the SOHZ Telegraph Group in PDF form.

The joining link for the SOHZ Telegraph is Group is:


So here is what we need to do now, you look at the list, you chose what you want to buy for Harare Hospital or to donate towards buying.

You then send an email to the clinical director of Harare Hospital Dr Chris Pasi, at pasic@bechr.co.zw

You also copy me into the email at hopewell2@post.harvard.edu

Then we take it from there.

Currently one of the SOHZ team members Dr Solomon Guramatunhu is sorting out the issue of suppliers in India.

Last night we were joined by the Clinical Director of United Bulawayo Hospitals Dr Narcisius Dzvanga and today we were joined on the team by the clinical directors for Mpilo and Ingutsheni hopsitals, Drs Ngwenya and Ranga.

We will have all the hospital clinical directors for the major 6 hospitals on our team, Parirenyatwa, Harare, Chitungwiza, Mpilo, UBH and Ingutsheni Hospitals.

We are not going to individually walk into a pharmacy and buy medicines as a donation, the hospitals will approve the suppliers, approve the drug or any donation because all health products must meet compliance regulations for safety.

The hospitals will sort out the customs documents and get the duty free rebates from ZIMRA before we pay for the products.

We will keep you posted! Any questions please feel free to ask via email.

Meanwhile SOHZ had a fruitful meeting with Gugu Mahlangu, the Director-General of the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ).

She said that hospital drug donations can be exempted from registration/licensing as long as they are on the Essential Lists of Medicines.

She also said that drugs coming out of America and the UK would have been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory (MHRA) in the UK.

So the MCAZ will not worry about them because the risk of them being low quality is extremely minimal.

MCAZ will send an officer to Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe to assist us in ironing out any medical drug related issues.

The Director General has also been kind enough to agreeing to take your emails regarding medical drugs regulations and licensing issues if you want to send drugs to public hospitals through Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe.

If you need anymore information please email Gugu Mahlangu at gnmahlangu@mcaz.co.zw

Put “Save Our Hospitals Zimbabwe” as your email header, and please keep your emails short and straight to the point!

Our Hospitals, Our People, Our Lives!