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Rhodesia super than Zimbabwe?

The  urban Idiot is a very complex idiot. Just a few months back the urban idiot was celebrating the fall of Robert Gabriel Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe, but today the urban idiot is all over social media expressing how they miss the man because he was much better than ED pfeeee.

Cont Mhlanga
Cont Mhlanga

Only a few years back the urban idiot was celebrating the fall of Rhodesia and the rise of Zimbabwe, but today the same urban idiot speaks highly of Rhodesia.

This Village Idiot like the people’s listening president who does not speak much but listens and listens and when he speaks the prizes of goods and services shoot up and the streets go up in smoke and everyone stays away, this village idiot just listened to the urban idiot in conversations about Rhodesia and Zimbabwe.

The very complex Urban Idiot speaks;

“I did enjoy your article and hope it resolves the issues that many Zimbabweans seem to be battling with when they consider black on black oppression. For me, as a senior citizen, I am now having second thoughts as to the goals of liberation struggles in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

“In Mozambique and Angola liberation victories turned out into brutal civil wars, with capital showing its long hands.

“What happened in Zimbabwe and South Africa and what is happening now in the two states is again showing the long hand of capital. The whole of Africa is under economic slavery that perpetually enriches capital.

My engineer friends refuse to accept this line of thought and I think your article will make them reflect a little deeper.

“Your urban, Diaspora and village idiot models reminds me of my own human relationships and hierarchies;

“Globally capital is found in Level 1 where there are very secretive, wealthy (in 2017 only 8 had the same wealth as 50 percent of the bottom poor), evil and ruthless people. They call the shots.

The idea of the hierarchy is to assist in identifying the level in which the one you are talking to falls so as to make informed decisions as which way the conversation should go”

Are you a capitalist idiot or do you aspire to be one?

The urban idiot calls you “secretive, evil and ruthless”. This village idiot knows a couple of Zimbabwean capitalist idiots some of whom even think that it is stupid to live in Zimbabwe if you join the league of capitalist idiots of the world.

You must go to some capital of some other country and show off your wealth from there.

Some steal from Zimbabwe and Africa and stuff the cash away from their own country, villages and people just to join the leagues of capitalist idiots of our world. Does this pass for evil and ruthless? What does the capitalist idiot have to say to this?

This village idiot will just listen like the listening president.

The urban idiot is a very complex idiot. Listen to this;

“Having read your article I sincerely hope you are not blaming the current problems besetting the country on the Rhodesia government.

What this government inherited was a country with very strong, well-managed institutions. Industry was strong, the farms were producing, service delivery existed; the Zimbabwe dollar was even strong.  Government schools were of a very high quality.

If they had only managed everything with capable hands and without corruption, those institutions, industries and schools would have been what they were.  You cannot even compare what the country was to how it is today.  Please, do NOT blame the Rhodesians.”

Very clear point by the urban idiot that Rhodesians had “capable hands and without corruption”. What this village idiot knows for sure is that Rhodesian leaders were white and the current Zimbabwean leaders are black and most of them war veterans.

So its black heads and hands that are not capable and are full of corruption. Is that a fact?

The village idiot just like the listening president will just listen. Even the urban idiot from the streets of Bulawayo came into the conversations in a strong way;

“Usizi olukhulu labo abangene ezicathulweni zabelungu baseRhodesia sebekhohlwe nje to devolop or maintain whatever they took over. Instead they are watching infrastructure collapsing okwabo is ukuthatha imali the infrastructure is generating. Lusizi kuphela!! Greed!!”

This village idiot knows an old story in Sub A junior school books of years ago that illustrates greed very well. It is the story of the black dog (not white dog) that saw its own image in water with its big bone with red flesh. How would this dog have such a bone?

It soon wanted the other dog’s bone of meat. It attacked its own image in the water and soon discovered it had lost its own bone.

That is greed for you.

Does this story mean anything to Zanu PF as it is the authority over those that govern Zimbabwe? Attacking its own image for the bones left over by Rhodesians!

This village idiot like the listening president will keep on listening but for now remains confused by the very complex urban idiot if indeed Rhodesia was super than Zimbabwe or black leaders have incapable hands and are corrupt than white leaders? DailyNews.