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Barbra Ronelle Lester: Be the change you wish to see on international women’s day

By Barbra Ronelle Lester in Australia

Today the world celebrates International Women’s Day. It is a day where we celebrate the achievements of women past, present and future.

Barbra Ronelle Lester
Barbra Ronelle Lester

Today in Africa some women will celebrate and receive the appreciation shown to them by gym mates, work mates and soul mates; no matter how small, silly or irrelevant the acts may be.

But the reality is that it may not be a happy day for all women.

Today some women from Africa arrive home to find no recognition, no appreciation and are only greeted by warm tears running down their beautiful black faces.

Women who are not celebrated, appreciated or recognized because they are alone. Mothers that have gone to nations far and wide in order to provide an income for their hungry families back home.

Diaspora they call it!

These Mothers have given up on their own dreams so that their children may realise their own aspirations that can secure their economic future.

Maids, aged care workers, disability workers, security guards, cleaners and nurses – you name it, they will play the role.

Today in Africa, mistresses (small houses) or second wives will sit alone in despair wondering if it is worth it, as they are once again let down by the married men who keep promising to leave their wives.

Quickly coming to the reality that they are indeed a second priority.

Today in Africa, a woman will end up in hospital ready to give birth naturally but will instead receive a caesarean birth because it is more financially profitable for her physician.

She will now have to endure stitches and unnecessary physical pain.

The doctor unashamedly slicing through her womb with dollar signs flashing through his mind and not her physical well – being!

Today in Africa, the soul of a beautiful black woman will float out of her body and meet its maker because of her inability to pay her medical bills.

She will leave behind her beautiful 12 year old black daughter who will have to try and fend for herself as the world around her begins to make laws that declare the age of sexual consent be lowered to 12 years of age.

Today around the world someone is reading this article and has decided to make a change and that person is you.

On this so precious day called ‘International Women’s Day….
Be the change you wish to see and make it a truly Happy International Women’s day!

Barbra Ronelle Lester is a Zimbabwean Human Resources professional based in Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland