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Wired for Something: Part 1 with Yaya Rudo

By Yaya Rudo

After messing up and being messed up, confidence is often lost and self doubt sets in big time. It is important to remember that you are wired, for something. You have stuff you are good at.

Yaya Rudo
Yaya Rudo

Some are fortunate to find out early in life that which they are wired for but for most of us, it is a trial and error long road. You must walk your path, embrace your wrong turns and celebrate the small victories. Successful Lemonade Makers are their own cheer leaders.  

As a youngster one thing I had in excess was confidence. Mama truly allowed us to dream and dream properly too. What is the point of dreaming if you are going to dream small stuff? You might as well wake up! The lack of material things around us never affected our dreams – I dreamt big.

As a teen I believed I was going to be the next big thing in music. When I say big, I mean really BIG. I am talking about Michael Jackson and Bob Marley kind of big. The dream was so big I had to act upon it. I auditioned with the 6 bands that were in my township and then the 10 bands in my province. They all said NO!

Mama was the only one bold enough to tell me I did not have the gift – at all. It was proven when the church choirmaster cringed as I failed to hold simple alto notes.  I sounded better in the shower and in front of the mirror.

I spared the choirmaster the discomfort of telling me how much I sucked and never went back – I was going to be the first person to be kicked out of a church choir. Just like that, my dream of being the leader of a reggae band went up in flames. Mama was calm; she said I was wired for something I had to keep moving. 

The good thing about being young and clueless is that you tend to bounce back quickly.  I got over my failed music career very quickly and swiftly moved to sports. Michael Jordan was doing amazing stuff in basketball at that time (I think I am giving away my age!). He was in movies and on billboards.

I figured I was going to be next in line. I was going to be the next big thing in sports. I just needed to figure out which sport I was really good at. I tried out with the basketball team, volleyball team, soccer team, athletics team and tennis team. They all said NO! I could not even make the school D team of any sport – no one cares about the D team, yet I could not make the D team. Too bad we did not have chess may be I would have done well in it they say it’s a sport.

Mama once again came to my aid. She told me I had no single athletic bone in me. I had tried, but I was not wired for it. I had to find what I was wired for. 

The young and the clueless, I bounced back, this time I was determined to give Julia Roberts a run for her money in Pretty Woman 2. Acting was my new thing. As you can see I was not even thinking of small budget local productions, my eyes were on Hollywood. I told you I know how to dream, I dream properly.

As the acting bug grew, I auditioned almost every weekend. I was never quite like what the producers and directors wanted. I was always either too tall, too short, too dark, too light, too thin, too heavy. Never precisely what they wanted. Mama was extra careful after many weekends of poor auditions she said “You will look so much better on radio. “  I should have listened right away. 

It really does not matter how many doors have been slammed in your face, the many NOs you have heard- you are wired for greatness. The dreams that fell apart should never stop you from having new dreams. Real Lemonade Makers continue to keep dreaming. Look out for Wired For Something Part 2 as I share how I finally found what I am wired for. Learn a few steps and tricks you can take to help you find what you are wired for. You are wired for something special.

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