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Ex-con denies paternity of ‘child sired while in prison’

By Michelle Gwizi

A man from Bulawayo refused to pay maintenance alleging his girlfriend got pregnant when he was in prison.

Gift Tsayisa denied paternity for his alleged 14-year-old child with Ms Knowledge Ncube.

“Before we talk about anything, I deny paternity. When the child was conceived l was in jail. From February 14, 2004 until January 20, 2005, l was in jail,” said Tsayisa.

Bulawayo magistrate Mr Tinashe Tashaya asked when the child was born and Ms Ncube said on February 10, 2005.

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“He is the father of my son, he is the only one l was having sexual relations with,” said Ms Ncube.

Magistrate Tashaya ordered the parties to undergo DNA tests within three months.

“Tsayisa is to pay all the costs for the tests and Ms Ncube to avail the child for such tests when required in the event Tsayisa fails to conduct the DNA test by end of May 2019, Ms Ncube has to reapply for maintenance again,” said the magistrate. The Chronicle