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Winky D’s MuGarden hits 1 million views

By Mthabisi Tshuma

Winky D’s MuGarden music video that was released on YouTube two weeks ago is gaining ground all over the world.

Winky D and Gemma Griffiths in MuGarden video
Winky D and Gemma Griffiths in MuGarden video

Last Sunday, the love song that features musician Gemma Griffiths made its debut appearance on the UK’s Vox Africa television station and on Wednesday, it reached one million views on YouTube.

Debuting on position four, the video with international standards was premiered on The Buzz TV show, a weekly entertainment show bringing the latest in African music, fashion trends, red carpet highlights, celebrity news and gossip from around the globe. The Buzz airs every Sunday at 7.30PM and on Wednesdays at 7PM on Sky 193, a United Kingdom television channel.

Posting on social media with amusement over the video premiering on Vox Africa, Winky D said this would likely increase his international fame.

He thanked Gemma for the role she played on the song and video.

“Gemma Griffiths thanks for the wonderful connection in voice, sound and visuals. I’m forever indebted to you for this magic,” the Gafa said.

Local fans, Winky D said, had been behind the success of the video that is sitting on just above a million views.

“Allow me to express my sincere gratitude to all of you my dearest family in music. The loving reception you’ve shown towards MuGarden has been more than humbling.

“I’ll forever keep on trying to meet your aspirations and needs in music. Every time my hope and actions seem weighed down by negativity and the risk of failure, I will derive rejuvenation from this love you continue to show towards the works,” he said.

His manager Jonathan Banda said: “It’s an honour to see that we’re meeting international standards which shows how Gafa’s music is being widely appreciated.

“Definitely this year, Gafa’s fans should expect more fireworks and continue supporting his music,” he said.

Gemma, celebrating the one million mark, said: “To everyone who watched and shared the video, the support you’ve shown for MuGarden has blown me away.

“Zimbabwean music will reach the world because of each and everyone of you who supports local music and allows it to be celebrated. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and I’m more than proud to be Zimbabwean.” The Chronicle