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Winky D races up the ladder

By Robert Mukondiwa

Winky D, in his portrayal of himself as being one of the first couple, with him as Adam and Gemma Griffiths as Eve, breathes life into the biblical perspective and nails what is definitely Zimbabwe’s video of the year. And the year itself has barely started!

Winky D and Gemma Griffiths in MuGarden video
Winky D and Gemma Griffiths in MuGarden video

That Winky D has never been heard saying meh-meh . . . bleating on one of his songs is a mystery. He is after all a GOAT — a greatest of all time — in his genre and the latest evidence of this sophistication is without doubt this fresh release he has cobbled alongside Gemma Griffiths entitled “MuGarden”.

That this story of love should emerge on Valentine’s Day is probably the biggest coup in music and greatest shocker since Charles chose Camilla over Di. But this is at least a positive shocker.

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There has been a brigade which has argued that for all his musical genius, Winky D was hamstrung by poorly conceived videos which are below par. It is in fact a disease many fine artiste have suffered, including colossal names like Oliver Mtukudzi.

Remember “Kunze Kwadoka” (Perekedza Mwana) done in South Africa? Whoever made such a video for such a fine piece of music qualified to be dragged by the cuff to the international Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against arts and creativity.

Winky D has crossed the threshold and done the unthinkable; created a video and song that are of an equally high calibre, with equal unfathomable carats to their name. A song as much a gem as its video.


Winky D also is remarkably evil. He did this in the week Jah Prayzah should have been celebrating a milestone in his career. He is a master of the video and had just arguably broken records after releasing the video for his song “Kunerima” which had gathered a record number of views within the 24-hour threshold.

But Winky did not warn him not to release a video in the same week as he would do so. Neither was he kind enough to hold back and release his video much later on. But then again there is a saying which goes; never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake. And it proved a mistake when Jah held the record for less than a day.

Not that they are enemies, but healthy competitors in locals arts. And then Winky, the supposedly “dull” kid in the world of making videos, released his. A video that could win all the Oscars in a year and have organisers calling previous winners and telling them to hand over all that they have won in the past to the new winner!

Then declaring that because there may never be anything better, the Oscars will no longer be held!

Yet in the beautiful spirit of competition, Jah Prayzah was spot on with “Kunerima”. The rise of “MuGarden” definitely left it in the dark — murima. Thought in all fairness the video has cinematographic genius that is beyond doubt. Because Vusa Blaqs pulled a class act in it. However it suffered the inequality of having a song that lacks muscle. And lyrics that were all froth and no beer. Or perhaps 0 percent alcohol content.

Yet there is a fresh beauty to the track. Forget Winky D. Everyone knows he is a luminary in the side of music ordinarily. But Gemma Griffiths though. Remember her?

A brief refresher course.

Gemma has always been a gem like her name, north of Samora Machel Avenue. A class act at Miombo Music Festival and all the festivals that matter for those who love class. She crossed the road south of Samora Machel Avenue when she did a remake of “Musarova Bigiman” also by Winky D, singing it in English and bringing sex appeal to a song about a naughty knave caught sitting in his girlfriend’s bedroom . . . on her bed, by his girlfriend’s brothers. A no-no in the “rokesheni” as Winky would say.

After that, many fell in love with Gemma. The quintessential epitome of an all-Zimbabwean girl. One who knows no race, colour or creed.

She sizzles in “MuGarden”. And when she sings in flawless Shona, you would think that is the high point. But no! Her pronouncement of the word Imagine is so ethnic even Mbuya Nehanda, the epitome of our heritage, would sound more Caucasian than Gemma in pronouncing imagine . . . or is it Ih-mah-jeh-ni? She sounds perfect in Shona and Mbuya Nehanda would sound like an imposter!

Not since the days of Ilanga has the talk of a multi-racial, multicultural production been the subject of talk of unity and seamless love as has been the case with MuGarden.

True, there has been Evicted and Chikwata 263 amongst others, but for a big name that breeds a crossover hit, this seems to be the ultimate big thing.

Gemma’s social media platforms are on fire as a result with her being celebrated by old and new fans alike.

In fact, if the couple in the garden in the beginning had been Gemma and Winky, a mixed race kid would have made it into the White House in the very beginning as the rule and not the exception; sorry Barack!

With special effects that are on point and a sing along scorcher of a song, perhaps the best thing to do is acknowledge that Winy is in a class of his own.

He must be thinking in the epic words that also ring true to him; “If you even dream of beating Winky D, you better wake up and apologise!” The Herald