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Fans hail Beke appointment

By Ricky Zililo

The appointment of Bekithemba Ndlovu as Highlanders FC assistant coach has been met with optimism by Bosso fans hailing the wisdom of the club in listening to head coach Madinda Ndlovu’s recommendations.

Bekithemba Ndlovu
Bekithemba Ndlovu

Bosso have gone for more than a decade without winning the league championship and the fans are of the view that Bekithemba, who won a number of championships and trophies as a player, can inspire the youngsters at the club.

Since taking over as Highlanders coach last year, Madinda and the club have been singing the “back to Bosso roots” song, which the fans have loyally backed.

The success-starved Highlanders followers will be hoping for a change in fortunes when the season starts and the bringing on board of Bekithemba is seen as a positive move.

Below are some of the views of Bosso fans about Bekithemba’s appointment:

Blessing Gumiso: Bosso making Beke part of the technical staff is a very great move.

Personally, as my former teammate at Bosso, I say bigup to the brains behind employing him.

He is a fighter; he believes in winning and he is a winner.

He knows what it means to play for Bosso, what it takes to win games, to win cups and to win the league championship. Bosso looked at the bigger picture by getting Beke and it’s a plus that he will also learn a lot from Madinda.

Innocent “Bra Nox” Mikazhu: It’s a good move considering that he is a son of Highlanders with bright prospects of taking over the reins when the time comes.

He knows the team’s culture. In the past seasons, we were coming short because of lack of continuity.

I think he is blessed to be chosen to work with the legend Madinda Ndlovu.

John William Mpofu: It’s a good idea for Beke to rejoin Bosso so that together with Mandla Mpofu they understudy Madinda.

He (Madinda) hinted that he will retire soon and we need someone who will eventually take over and continue with the philosophy and culture he has introduced.

Super is a good option because he understands the Highlanders’ way of doing things.

Pride “Brickzwampela” Ndlovu: Having Bekithemba Ndlovu back at Bosso is a good thing since the guy had gone out there for his coaching attachment.

I think he learnt a lot of things concerning his coaching techniques when he was at Indlovu Iyanyathela, How Mine and Bulawayo City.

The guy is now mature we have seen his results at Indlovu Iyanyathela and Bulawayo City even though the latter was relegated from the Premiership.

I feel at Bulawayo City he was given the team when it was in a bad state, but going for the last seven games unbeaten was impressive.

We’re hoping for a good season this year.

Thandekile Ncube: I am happy to have Beke joining Highlanders’ technical team.

He is a son of Bosso, he knows the pros and cons, values and of course the culture of Highlanders as an institution.

Coming to Bosso might overshadow his success.

I think his move is in two ways; good in the sense that he will add value to Highlanders and secondly, he might have miscalculated as he should have remained at Bulawayo City as head coach and achieved more good results that could have improved his CV.

Lwazi Mcheznana Skuza: I think it’s a good move to have Beke join the technical team.

He is a Bosso son, which is what we need at the moment, not just these coaches who come with their certificates but don’t know anything about Amahlolanyama.

We need someone who is a fan and son of Highlanders; who knows and understands what it means to play for such a big institution.

He was disciplined as a player, which also saw him wearing the armband. It shows he has leadership skills.

Thulani “Harsh Touch” Dube: We welcome the decision made by our club leadership and coaches.

We will support fully, but we haven’t forgotten how SaMaNdlo let us down during (Kelvin) Kaindu’s time.

We needed a draw to take the championship and he was left in charge of the team, which was flying high.

How his team was later walloped 4-0 left us with many unanswered questions.

Victor Ngwenya: I like that he is a Bosso son and knows our values.

He has been through a lot as a player and assistant coach and therefore he has acquired a lot of experience.

Themba Sibanda: A good move by Highlanders to have its product coming back to learn from a legend (Madinda).

Beke, who won a number of championships and trophies with the club, will teach the youngsters about the club’s philosophy and culture.

I wish them all the best in their work and hope they lift the Bulawayo giants.

Zibbs Moyo: I think it’s a step in the right direction from the view point that Madinda wants to hang his boots soon so we need a former Bosso son to be tapping that knowledge.

No disrespect to Lulu (Mandla Mpofu), we also appreciate what he brings to the table and hope their combination with Beke will help steer the Bosso ship in the right direction. Ayisoze ibulawe

Loveness Ncube Aka Mabebeza: Beke in the technical team to me is ayoba as his blood is black and white.

Yena loMadinda can make things happen ngoba bakhuluma the same language yeculture abayaziyo. Wishing them the best.

Evans Ndlovu: It’s good that Beke is back at Bosso.

European clubs have big backroom staff that assist the technical manager.

What Highlanders have done will improve our squad. The Chronicle