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Power FM slammed for muting R Kelly’s music

Local radio station Power FM has been slammed for their decision to take off American RnB singer R Kelly’s music from their playlist following rape allegations against him.

"Surviving R. Kelly" aired over three nights on Lifetime starting January 3.
“Surviving R. Kelly” aired over three nights on Lifetime starting January 3.

Several people on social media believe the radio station was just being overzealous in their decision to mute the musician before the matter is not completed.

Several people cited Paul Matavire who was convicted and jailed for rape but his music is still being played on radio stations especially towards the Christmas holiday with his popular hit Kisimusi Yatosvika almost becoming an anthem.

Power FM station manager Rumbi Moyo is quoted in State media announcing their decision saying they are not taking the allegations lightly and will only change their decision when the musician is absolved of any wrongdoing.

However, other radio stations are still waiting for the finalisation of the matter.

This follows a global campaign titled #MuteRkelly across the globe that has seen some radio stations and online music stores such as Apple and Spotify removing the musician’s music from their playlists.

The allegations are contained in a documentary tittled Surviving R Kelly, based on decades-long allegations of sexual abuse against the musician with over 50 interviews by women.

The incident has divided opinion with police in the US reported to have launched an investigation into the matter. Daily News.