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Bid to kill wife backfires

By Prosper Dembedza

A Harare man’s bid to kill his wife and children by poisoning sweet beer backfired after his own sister drank it and fell sick, the Harare Civil Court heard yesterday.

File picture of Harare Civil Courts
File picture of Harare Civil Courts

Colleta Chigumaira from Epworth disclosed the issue while seeking a peace order against her husband Noel Mufandaidza whom she claimed was in the habit of physically and verbally abusing her.

In her application, Chigumaira claimed that Mufandaidza was in the habit of threatening to burn her and their children in the house whenever they had a misunderstanding.

“Most of the time when we quarrel he locks us in the house and opens the gas tank threatening to set the house on fire.

“He always chases me with an axe and a knife in front of the children,” said Chigumaira.

Chigumaira said Mufandaidza was also in the habit of selling their property and wanted him barred from their house.

Mufandaidza denied all the allegations claiming that his wife was the one who wanted to poison him.

He told the court that he was lucky to be alive after Chigumaira’s attempt failed.

“She is lying that I tried to kill her when in actual fact she is the one who tried to poison me,” he said.

Magistrate Mr Noah Gwatidzo granted the order which prohibits Mufandaidza from physically and verbally abusing his wife.

Mr Gwatidzo, however, said he could not bar Mufandaidza from the matrimonial home. The Herald