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Full Text: Uebert Angel tribute to wife

By Prophet Uebert Angel

It’s not her birthday. It’s not Woman crush Wednesday (WCW) or our anniversary but I just want to honour her in this post and expose my love for her to you fam.

18 years together: Uebert Angel and wife Beverly in PICTURES
18 years together: Uebert Angel and wife Beverly in PICTURES

You see what people fail to realise is Beverly and I have been together for over 18 years now fighting for our destiny and enjoying the Lord in the same process. She didn’t love me because I was anything.

In fact we fell in love supernaturally when I had nothing to my name so the love was and is still real. If anyone is to ‘fall in love’ with me now it will be because I am who the world says I am or because of my presumed bank balance… Beverly on the other hand loves me for who I am without all the titles and the fame and the money and even the businesses.

She is an amazingly great lady that has given birth to 4 strong and prayerful boys, at the same time caring for them dearly and also honouring me, loving me and forgiving me and respecting me as a person and my calling as a prophet and teacher and also supporting all my business endeavours.

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Uebert Angel and wife Beverly Angel
Uebert Angel and wife Beverly Angel

You see in Christianity where only Christ forgives but Christians don’t, sometime ago when the pressures of it all became too much and I felt the weight and felt like quitting and made some detours, Beverly managed to stay strong, kept encouraging me to pursue my goals and fulfil my calling and forgave my past and also managed to see beyond the curtain of time to behold the God who sent us.

I want to thank my wife today for being a true Christian and a great example to my children both spiritual and biological. Wherever you are you need someone that can hold it down, forgive even the unforgivable, smile in the storm, cheer lead when you lead and when you down and keep encouraging you until you reach a level of maturity where you can definitely say “I AM SET ON THE COURSE THAT I MUST FOLLOW & WILL NEVER LOOK BACK”

18 years together: Uebert Angel and wife Beverly
18 years together: Uebert Angel and wife Beverly

I can safely say BeBe’s love got me to that stage and now as I pray for your prosperity and my prosperity I know this is simply money for a purpose… to finance the kingdom and bring you joy as families! #GoodNews