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Zodwa worries if she’ll get entry into Namibia!

Zodwa is ready to wow the people of Namibia with her dance moves and her daring outfits but her dance moves are not an automatic passport to get her into that country.

Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu's Birthday Celebration Eyadini
Zodwa Wabantu | Dj Muntu’s Birthday Celebration Eyadini

Everybody knows how the controversial entertainer was deported from Zambia in March because of her style of dancing without panties. She was also barred from attending the Harare International Carnival in Zimbabwe last year.

Now she is worried about getting into Namibia where she’s scheduled to perform today.

She told Daily Sun she was not worried about filling up the venues or whether people will enjoy her dance moves.

“People are waiting to see my moves which are unique and beautiful,” she said.

“My greatest worry is whether I’ll be allowed entry into Namibia.”

She said she was ill-treated in Zambia and Zimbabwe because the governments in those countries were not comfortable with her dancing without panties.

She said the Zambian and Zimbabwean governments told her they were Christians.

“The Zambian government said my dancing undermines national values.”

Asked if she had any regrets about the way she dances, she responded: “I’ve been dancing for three years and I don’t regret anything. I’m a strong woman. I’m unbreakable. I’m a fighter who always aims higher.”

Meanwhile, at the end of next year, Zodwa who had said she would retire this year will hang up her tiny dresses to become a farmer. This will mean that the best known backside in Mzansi will become a distant memory with faded Daily Sun pictures posted on fridges and headboards.

“I’ve chosen farming because it’s a simple business. I’m not educated,” said Zodwa.

She said she has since bought land in Mbombela, Mpumalanga.

“I’ll have chickens, cattle and sheep on my farm. I don’t want to see my money sitting in my account doing nothing. I want it to move around.”

When she starts farming, Zodwa wants other people to benefit so she will create jobs for them.

Mzansi’s most energetic and ambitious dancer said she’s full of ideas and also wants to own and rent out flats to students.

The entertainer who is billed to perform at the Fact Durban Rocks party on New Year’s Eve, said she will now retire in 2020.

“I was supposed to retire this year but I’m already booked for next year and I’ll wait for a year before I stop,” she said. The Chronicle.