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End of year message from ZAA chairman

By Conrad Mwanza

It has been quite a year for Zimbabwe Achievers Awards International, but it would not have been possible, if it were not for our partners, patrons and supporters.

Conrad Mwanza the founder and Executive Chairman of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA)
Conrad Mwanza the founder and Executive Chairman of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA)

We hosted four awards shows in four different countries, which is an in incredible feat, and we are just about to expand to the fifth.

The brand has gone through a transformation since its inception in 2010, beginning in the United Kingdom. As this edition (UK) enters its ninth year, we continue with our pursuit of being a worldwide brand, that not only highlights the successes and achievements of Zimbabweans, internationally but, that engages the wider community, globally.

Our growth has not come easy but what we have begun to understand, is that a journey is not a ‘one day trip’ and the destination is still a long way. More importantly, a community cannot be built by a single person but by a group of people who are willing to go somewhere and have a desire for greatness.

Invest in Africa

As we close the chapter on 2018, it is imperative that we focus on the fundamental issues within our community and drive an agenda that allows us to establish a network that is engaged and committed to shaping a Zimbabwean community that is ready to invest in Africa.

We have a plethora of talent. Brilliant minds, with innovative ideas who deserve a seat at the table, who deserve to be recognised and who deserve to be heard, and Zim Achievers is committed to redefining the playing field and working closely with the wider community in putting Africa on the map.

We need to remind the world that we have a voice and that we have stories to tell that will resonate with this generation and the generations to come.

We are expanding

Zim Achievers, as mentioned earlier, is now present in four countries – the UK, South Africa, the US and Australia. We are currently finalising plans to add Canada to the fold and mid next year we will host the first awards ceremony in the country.

We are still building on the vision of creating multiple platforms where Zimbabwean talent and achievement is consistently highlighted, and where we continue to celebrate,be inspired and motivated by every individual who is raising the flag high, pushing us to reach excellence and live in our purpose.

Countdown to 2019

The new year is fast approaching and we have already got the ball rolling. The UK and South African nomination lines have opened and I’d like to encourage you all to help us uncover the hidden talent in our community. Many of them are our current and future leaders. I believe they will be among those who will rewrite history and will make a difference, not only in their respective sectors but, specifically in Africa.

We have some exciting news for South Africa

We are excited that Zororo Phumulani has signed a three year deal with us and will headline the fifth edition.

Zororo came on board for the fourth edition this year and over the years have become a major player in the community. As our focus is not only recognising the achievements of Zimbabweans but, also driving community progression and engagement, we are happy to be working with a company that understands what we do and why we do it.

Thank you to our stakeholders

We are grateful to, and owe credit to our stakeholders, who have helped us achieve results this year, either through direct engagement, or through the constructive feedback we have received.

We are especially thankful to WorldRemit for being our global partner this year. We appreciate and value your support immensely.

We also extend thanks to all the other major players this year; Steward Bank, Diaspora
Funeral Cash Plan, Propertyend, Ndasenda, eZimtech, Women in Healthcare, Vaka Buildings, Mtimandze Group, Starcover, Vavaki Architects, Richvisions, KTrio, Nurseline, Fastjet, Zimcon, African Medallion Group, Mopane Community Health and Interprime Consulting.

There is still a lot of work to be done and we look forward to maintaining our broad and diverse range of partners and building on delivering all our aims and objectives.

As we get ready to remember and embrace the reason for this season, we do so in thanksgiving, and I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous 2019.

Warm regards,

Conrad Mwanza is the founder and Executive Chairman of the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA)