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Woman drags married boyfriends’ wife to court

By Michael Magoronga

A Kwekwe woman shocked all and sundry after she dragged her boyfriend’s wife to court demanding that she desists from disturbing the two lovebirds.rape victim file picture

The matter was heard at Kwekwe Civil Court when Juliet Nyasha Mbofana applied for a protection order against Winfilda Mpiyabo saying she should desist from making calls when he was at the mistress’ homestead.

Mbofana claimed that the man in question, whose name was not said in court, now belonged to her as he was divorced from Mpiyabo.

“She is in the habit of visiting my workplace and threatening to kill me. She tells people that I snatched her husband yet the two have since divorced and I don’t know how I snatched her husband,” she said.

Mbofana said the wife had a habit of calling on the man’s phone while they were together, thereby disturbing the two lovebirds’ peace.

.“She makes calls on my boyfriend’s phone demanding things from him and she at one time insulted my parents through the mobile phone. I want all that to stop because I am now living in fear as I do not know what she is going to do next, I plead with this court to protect me from this woman,” said the mistress.

In response, Mpiyabo said her husband had just paid lobola for her in March and was no longer coming home due to the relationship.

“He paid lobola for me in March and I will be making phone calls to inquire about his whereabouts. He should come home to his family, not spend time with his mistress.

“When I visited her workplace I wanted to inform her that the man she was in love with is my husband who had just paid lobola for me,” Mpiyabo told the court.

Magistrate Vimbai Mtukwa granted the order in favour of the applicant and barred Mpiyabo from visiting Mbofana’s workplace to cause chaos.

She also urged Mbofana to look for her own husband and desist from dating married men.

“There are so many single men out there, why don’t you look for yours rather than fight for a married man?” quizzed Miss Mtukwa. B-Metro.