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Ex-lover drags cop to court over upkeep

By Lisa Mangena

A Police officer from Bulawayo was yesterday dragged to the maintenance court by his ex-girlfriend who said he has never contributed anything towards their child’s upkeep.

Ms Athel Mpofu was claiming $100 from Mr Raymond Madyara. She said her ex-boyfriend was not supporting their three month old baby.

“I’m claiming child upkeep because my ex-boyfriend here has never given any support what so ever towards this child. I’ve asked him numerous times to help me get a birth certificate for the child but he gives me excuses every time,” she said.

The magistrate Ms Ulukile Mlea asked Mr Madyara to respond to what his ex-girlfriend was saying and to also state how much he was offering for the child. He produced birth certificates for his other five children.

“Well I’m married and have five other children. I can’t offer much especially now because the baby is still young. I’m only a mere police officer who has a large family to take care of so I’m offering $50.

“As for the birth certificate issue l did not refuse to assist her but l told her that when l take an off day or if l’m free we can go and get the birth certificate,” said Mr Madyara.

Ms Mpofu seemed to be shocked when she heard that Mr Madyara had five other children and hers is the sixth one.

“Your worship, I was not aware that he has other children. This is news to me and he even produced the birth certificates to prove that indeed he has other children.

All the same I’m unemployed and I need him to support his baby, that’s all I’m asking for,” said Ms Mpofu.

The magistrate ordered Mr Madyara to pay $65 as maintenance with effect from the end of the month.“This money has to be deposited into Ms Mpofu’s account and order will remain in force until the child reaches 18 years,” said the magistrate. The Chronicle.