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200 sex slaves in Makokoba

By Danisa Masuku

An estimated two hundred women from Makokoba suburb disclosed that they are being terrorised by suspected goblins who have turned them into sex slaves.

The troubled women made the revelations during an Apostolic crusade at Mkambo, Makokoba suburb last Sunday.

In separate interviews, some of the women explained how they were turned into sex objects by mystical beings and how their lives have turned for the worst.

Luba Moyo (29) said: “I’m facing a tough time! My husband works in Botswana but most of the times during the night I usually feel something having sex with me and I wake up with sperms on my private parts,” said the troubled Moyo.

Patricia Sibanda (52) said as a result of being sexually assaulted by goblins her husband deserted her.

“I was married for 20 years but last year the goblins would have sex with me during the night and when my husband had sex with me I would not feel anything, at the end he deserted me last year in December,” she said.

Sibanda sought help from prophets and pastors but nothing has changed.

“I have approached pastors at our church and they have prayed for me but nothing has changed and I also went to Harare to seek help from prophets but also nothing has changed,” said the teary Sibanda.

Her problems have worsened.

“Among my children I have two daughters aged 24 and 26. Now both of them are being turned into sex slaves by things we suspect to be goblins. When they fall in love the man would later on leave after impregnating them. Now the younger one has one child and the other has two children. To make matters worse I’m the one who is supposed to look after their children and they could not secure employment,” said the distraught Sibanda.

Sicelo Ncube (58) said as a result of mysterious sexual torment her business has gone down.

“I’m a widow, my husband died early this year. I have three children. The goblins started to sleep with me in June this year as a result customers started to shun my shop. Now I hardly make money like I used to,” she said. B-Metro.