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Cassava to launch own ride hailing service

By Esinathy Sibanda

Cassava On Demand, a division of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe is, for the first time in the country, set to launch its own “Uber-type” ride hailing service before the end of this month.

Cassava group chief executive Darlington Mandivenga
Cassava group chief executive Darlington Mandivenga

The “Vaya Lift” ride hailing service would provide the door-to-door smart transportation services for the first time in Zimbabwe, Cassava International group executive director, Mr Darlington Mandivenga, said in a statement yesterday.

He said the company was putting final touches to a massive, Econet-style launch of the new service before the end of this month.

“We will be launching this door-to-door, smart transportation service anytime before the end of the month and we are excited about the sheer convenience it will bring to both the consumer and business markets” said Mr Mandivenga.

He said Vaya Lift was part of the wide bouquet of services that Cassava planned to offer.

“By Christmas of this year, we hope to add parcel delivery and other logistical services to our service bouquet,” he said.

Cassava On Demand is a division that looks after logistics business services such as Vaya and KariGo. It also operates Technites, which provides technicians that undertake installations such as Set Top Boxes and fibre optic cables.

The division has previously been mostly involved in supporting Econet businesses, but following the spin-off it will now offer services such as those of electricians and plumbers to the general public on demand, using a mobile App.

Cassava Smartech is the parent company under which services such as EcoCash, EcoSure, EcoFarmer, Ruzivo, Steward Bank, TPS and EduTech training services such as the Muzinda Hub, are housed.

The company, best known through its numerous brands that for years have been part of Econet’s products and services and is set to emerge as a stand-alone Fintech company, is currently being spun off by Econet Wireless and will be listed on its own on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). The Chronicle