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Harpers claims never separated from Beverly

By Khahliso Ncube and Nigel Siziba

Beverly Sibanda’s veteran manager Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze says that the two of them never parted company as claimed by media reports after the raunchy dancer relocated to South Africa.

Beverly Sibanda and her manager Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze
Beverly Sibanda and her manager Hapaguti “Harpers” Mapimhidze

“I never stopped to manage Bev. The only thing that happened is that she moved to South Africa and I remained in Zimbabwe. As her manager I was still aware of all that she was doing and I would give her blessings on what she was doing.

“I would talk to people in South Africa that wanted to work with her even when I was in Zimbabwe and I think that is proof enough that l am still her manager and I never stopped,” said Harpers.

Like any other working partners Bev and Harpers did fight at some point as they would not having the same eye on a particular idea but the fights were like any other of manager and artiste fight.

When Bev moved to South Africa she went with her manager as they had to sign contracts that side.

Harpers stayed in South Africa for a month as he was arranging contracts for her. Bev never missed any show scheduled for her in Zimbabwe by Harpers and they are always in contact.

Bev only moved to South Africa for greener pastures and that was their strategy with her manager to make more money.

“I treat Beverly like my daughter; our relationship is like that of a daughter-father relationship and our problems we had we solved and they were just minor problems. Bev went to South Africa for greener pastures not that we got into a fight and she decided to move away.

“Everything she is doing in South Africa she does it after l approve as l am still her manager. Bev is not going to South Africa forever she is just there for a while to grow and showcase her talent. Sunday News