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Roki speaks on ‘Let her go’ song

By Bridget Mananavire

Musician Rockford “Roki” Josphat, has explained the inspiration behind his latest release Let her go, which is somewhat a cover of British musician Passenger’s hit song that was released in 2012 and goes by the same title.


His version, however, talks about getting to a point of regret and moving on from relationships after they have failed.

“It’s a copy written from a group called Passenger, some people think its Chris Martin but he also got a copyright and it’s one I have been willing to cover for a while,” Roki said.

“Let her go is basically when a person is moving on, the symptoms of acceptance, everything to do with what you are going to go through — regret and thinking back but naturally moving on making you accept. I have learnt that, now that I am not in any real relationship, that it takes two to mess up things. All this chauvinism and feminism really does wreck relationships.”

The song is from an album which was released by Roki and his team but not hyped as it was only given to a privileged few.

“Rockford gold, it’s actually the predecessor to another album that is coming out, it was released just to a couple of fans and was released almost underground a lot of people didn’t get it. Now we are just pushing a few singles from it,” he said.

While there have been questions on the legalities around the musician taking on parts of Passenger’s song, Roki’s management said it is all within the confines of the laws.

“The artistic and sampling rights are represented by Zimura but the song is well within the international copyright stipulation which is 15 seconds,” the management said. DailyNews