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I’m still flying high, says Shinsoman

By Michael Magoronga

Zimdancehall artiste Shinsoman says contrary to reports that he is a spent force, he is in fact maturing with age like wine.

Shinsoman ft Ninja Lipsy Vanorwadziwa (Official Video)
Shinsoman ft Ninja Lipsy Vanorwadziwa (Official Video)

The Dancehall Fada, as the artiste is popularly known, said this in an interview on the sidelines of the Kwekwe Expo shutdown gig last Saturday.

The controversial artiste said despite his detractors feeling otherwise, he was instead scaling up the musical ladder.

“I’m still flying high. I don’t understand the language of being a spent force. How can I be a spent force when I’m still flying out of the country for shows and when I’m still enjoying the fruits of my music?” he questioned rhetorically.

He said his latest offering, Mazivandadzoka, has been well received by fans and is doing well on local musical charts.

“My latest offering is a gem and I’m grateful to my fans who continue supporting me. The album has been well received and very soon, I’ll be flying out for shows,” Shinso said.

If his performance at the Kwekwe Expo shutdown on Saturday is anything to go by, Shinso is indeed far from fading as he gave a scintillating performance.

Despite arriving a bit late than scheduled, he quickly took to the stage where he churned out hit after hit, much to the pleasure of his legion of fans who had been patiently waiting for his arrival. The Chronicle