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Chatunga, Zoey get cosy

By Blessing Masakadza

Popular pole dancer Zoey Sifelani has stirred controversy with pictures of her getting cosy with former President Robert Mugabe’s son Chatunga Bellarmine at a club in South Africa over the weekend.

Chatunga and Zoey get cosy
Chatunga and Zoey get cosy

This follows on the heels of another set of pictures showing Robert (Chatunga’s brother) posing with yet another raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda aka Bev at yet another South African club.

Zoey and Bev are two of the most sought-after pole dancers in Zimbabwe.

Recently, both seem to have found a new home in South Africa where they occasional perform before club cheering revellers.

Currently, Zoey is in the neighbouring country where she is staging shows for a month in search of greener pastures and suggestions are that she might have hit a jackpot on Chatunga who is rumoured to be a big spender in social circles.

The pictures come as Zoey has sent tongues wagging on social media with several semi-nude pictures while in a swimming pool with only a friend’s arm covering her breasts.

Chatunga’s recent pictures have put the former president’s sons in the spotlight as recently his brother Robert was pictured with Bev, again in South Africa.

While the pictures have raised speculation over the two’s (Zoey and Chatunga) union, Zoey has described Chatunga as one of her fans who enjoys her style.

“We were at Savoy at the weekend where we had a show. He (Chatunga) is one of my fans and he likes my style,” she said.

Bev recently returned from South Africa after a three months’ stint and her return saw Zoey embarking on a similar journey in the neighbouring country.

The two have also tried music though not much can be seen in that area except on the dancing floor.

They have all been linked to several known men such as footballers, which they have all distanced themselves from.

In short, they have all had a fair share of controversy in their lives emanating from their dancing careers. DailyNews