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UK based health professionals set for 8-day visit to Zimbabwe…. training exchange

A group of 26 health professionals from the United Kingdom, (13 Zimbabweans, 10 British and 3 other nationalities) will be in Zimbabwe for an 8-day visit beginning 23 September ending 2 October.

The Zimbabwe Life Project led by Lucia Vambe
The Zimbabwe Life Project led by Lucia Vambe

The Zimbabwe Life Project, a voluntary group of National Health Service (NHS) professionals is made up of 19 nurses, 2 psychiatrists, 3 therapists and 2 social workers.

Led by Lucia Vambe, the group says it is dedicated to facilitating a link between skilled mental health professionals in the UK and the mental health services in Zimbabwe and sharing knowledge and skills.

The group is made up of Lucia’s personal network who have been motivated to assist through providing their time and expertise. Each member has paid for their flights and accommodation with their own funds and are carrying out all of the project activities in their own time (annual leave).   

“This trip is an important component of a programme, a potentially longer term programme which would enable UK clinical staff to engage with Zimbabwean staff and exchange knowledge and experiences,” Lucia told Nehanda Radio.

“The initiative currently has one scheduled activity, an 8 day trip from UK to Zimbabwe in September 2018, during which the 26 current members will engage in training, scoping of need and knowledge exchange relating to mental health care,” she said.

Parirenyatwa Hospital
Parirenyatwa Hospital

“A schedule of activities over 5 days of engagement will be held at the School of Nursing at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare. The activities are about sharing experiences and knowledge with the mental health professionals in Zimbabwe.

The group will then conduct tours of Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals (Annex), Mental Health Unit at Harare Central Hospital and possibly Ingutsheni hospital in Bulawayo. 

There also plans to visit community clinics in Mbare and Highfields.  During the visits the group hopes to meet patients and staff and distribute gifts to some of the patients. Nehanda Radio