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Japajapa attacks Zambian ambassador

By Tarisai Machakaire

Activist Paddington Japajapa, 50, has been summoned to appear in court and answer to disorderly conduct allegations after allegedly shouting at the Zambian ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Paddington Japajapa
Paddington Japajapa

Japajapa appeared before Harare magistrate Nyasha Vitorini and will be in court for trial on a date yet to be finalised.

The complainant is Zelipa Chitambo, the Zambian ambassador to Zimbabwe.

Prosecutor Farirai Nyamutowa alleged that on August 13, Japajapa was in the company of five women and visited the Zambia House which houses that country’s embassy.

The court heard that Japajapa wanted to see the trade attaché to import grain from Zambia but was told that she was not available and demanded to see Chitambo.

It was alleged that Japajapa was advised that the ambassador could only be seen after an appointment.

This did not go down well with Japajapa who began shouting, denigrating the embassy staff and he went towards an elevator intending to proceed to Chitambo’s office.

Security personnel blocked Japajapa from entering the elevator and Chitambo arrived at the scene.

The court heard that Chitambo attempted to intervene to calm the situation but Japajapa exploded saying: “Why do you employ such kind of people, they don’t know what they are doing? You should get rid of them.”

Chitambo then advised Japajapa that Zambia stopped exporting grain to Zimbabwe and he shouted at her again saying: “This is not the only embassy that can help us; we will seek help from other embassies”.

According to the State, Japajapa had no right to act in that manner. Daily News.