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Uebert Angel releases pre-recorded VIDEO on election appeal outcome prophecy

Flamboyant Spirit Embassy GoodNews Church founder Uebert Angel has released a video recording date stamped 12 August 2018 in which he predicts the outcome of the election petition filed by opposition MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa at the Constitutional Court.

“I support anybody ruling because thats what the bible says. If the opposition party had come into place I would be supporting them right now, praying for them. Do I pray for them now, yeh I do. Well I pray for the ones who are ruling as well, so that they rule well.

“One of the leaders in the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). She called me, she is like who is gonna win, I said the President. She says which president, I said the one who is there now. She is like No prophet, No. I said I can’t do nothing, I’m telling you what I saw.

“Now they are doing..thing, the judges are saying this, are saying this. I said YOU don’t waste your time. When Africa has decided, its has decided. You can go to any court you like, you can show them whatever you say is proof, this, this this, give every judge like ya ya ya.

“They will be looking at you like ya we have seen this, but the president is (this one). There is nothing you can do. You can’t. You are just wasting your time. Really wasting time. But it is important for them to do what they do because thats what democracy has to say,” Angel said in the video.

Zimbabwe’s Constitutional Court on Friday upheld the narrow and disputed election victory by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, clearing the way for his inauguration on Sunday. Mnangagwa has meanwhile appealed for calm and told Chamisa “my door is open and my arms are outstretched.”

Eight days before the 30 July elections this year, Angel broadcast live on his Miracle TV, saying Zanu PF will win the harmonised election. He told his followers not to buy the red MDC T-shirts.

“And you wanna (sic) know what will happen in the election in Zimbabwe, how many times have I spoken about it,” he asked rhetorically to cheers of many in the congregation.

“All I’m saying is don’t buy these T-shirts, don’t waste your time wearing all these T-shirts and regalia and meeting people at these conferences and these meetings, just concentrate on Jesus hey. You won’t change it.”