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The rope around Mutasa’s neck

By Makomborero Mutimukulu

THE not-so-long rope the Dynamos Football Club executive has given Lloyd Mutasa to hang himself with has a name.

Lloyd Mutasa
Lloyd Mutasa

It’s called Denver Mukamba.

Mutasa has repeatedly stated he cannot work with Mukamba, but the executive appears intent on forcing the errant midfielder around his throat.

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The most mischievous son Dynamos have had in recent years gets the royal treatment and poor Mutasa gets flustered whenever Mukamba’s name crops up.

Last week Mutasa was asked if he planned to use Denver Mukamba.

“I don’t have any comment and I think you can talk to the management otherwise all I can say is Denver did train,” he said.

The coach does not know whether or not he will use Denver as it seems that is a decision to be made by his bosses.

After being offloaded by Caps United just four months into what was supposed to be a season-long loan deal, Mukamba reverted to being a Dynamos player but did not pitch up for work until the club’s executive offered to escort him to training last Tuesday.

The Dynamos chiefs pretend not to know that a stickler for discipline called Lloyd Chitembwe recently gave up on Mukamba at Caps.

They pretend not to see that Mukamba is out of shape and needs serious conditioning before he can even be considered for registration with the Premier Soccer League.

They pretend not to be aware of the fact that their preferential treatment of Mukamba has destabilised a dressing room that is already short on confidence.

And Mutasa cannot tell his bosses to go hang together with their blue-eyed boy. Instead he waits for the rope called Mukamba to hang him.

“Football being football, there are quite a number of elements that you look at for you to then probably think of putting one into the team,” says Mutasa of the Mukamba conundrum.

“You look at the technical aspect, which probably most of these guys have because that’s the reason they are footballers. You look at the tactical aspect, you would have to look at the psychological part of it and physical aspect as well.

“What is key when we look at these players is that, ‘You, as a player, do you have the desire to play’ rather than to be forced by one or two individuals?’”

There are no prizes for guessing that the “one or two individuals” Mutasa speaks of are in the DeMbare executive. And Mutasa can’t say no to them.

Yes, the Mukamba noose is tightening around Mutasa’s neck. Sunday Mail.