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Former Minister Godfrey Gandawa claims his family was abducted from his rural home – VIDEO

By Staff Reporter

Former Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Godfrey Gandawa has claimed that he was tipped off about an attempt to assassinate him and that in the ensuing events four men who said they were from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) abducted members of his family from his rural home.

A video recorded by Gandawa has the former Zanu PF MP,  who is now running as an independent in Magunje, explaining what happened. Gandawa is also Jonathan Moyo’s deputy in the Higher Education Minister and was isolated after his G40 faction was toppled during the November coup.

Only this month, Gandawa told his supporters at Chedope Business Centre that this month’s elections provided an opportune moment to vote out the Zanu PF administration.

“Do not be scared when you go to the ballot box because no one will see who you will vote for. Vote them out and do not be intimidated and you must vote for an MP who will bring development to Magunje,” he said.

“Our children should go to the schools where their (Zanu PF officials) children go. We should drink the water which they drink. They are saying vote for the party, but which party, when they are firing people that are competent?” he queried.

“Do not be intimidated by Zanu PF. Vote them out as they cannot develop communities and do not care about you. Why do they intimidate you if they have done anything tangible? I will never neglect my fellow countrymen because of party politics.

“I am geared to see better rural areas like Chedope develop. I am challenging a Zanu PF candidate to do better for you as a community than threatening you. When you get the chance to be in ballot boxes, vote out those who lied to you since 1980. Do not give them a second chance, they do not deserve your vote. We want these elections to be free, fair and credible not by threats.”

Gandawa will be contesting against Zanu PF’s Cecil Kashiri, Tonderayi Kusemamuriwo (MDC Alliance) and Henry Madiro of Zimbabwe Partnership for Prosperity.