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Prudence Mabhena still has the voice!

By Bongani Ndlovu

Afro Fusion singer, Prudence Mabhena, who has been laying low still has the voice as she successfully launched her second solo album Ndinoda Imimi at King George VI School on Friday night.

Prudence Mabhena
Prudence Mabhena

Prudence who is in her early 30s has been out of action for the past four years. And on Saturday, she bounced back by returning to the school that took care of her since she was seven-years-old to launch her album. Her life story is inspiring and shows that disability does not mean inability as she can out-sing some able bodied people.

Her performance was short, but highly entertaining as she went through some of the songs on the new album. The crowd cheered her on as she sang melodiously with the aid of a band.

What was more entertaining about her performance was that there was a stage act from pupils from her former school. This was to give the crowd a visual aid in telling the stories on the songs.

The crowd for its part, stood and danced along with Prudence as she sang her heart out. After the show, her album was sold and most people left with a copy.

After the launch, Prudence said she would embark on a national tour among other things to promote the album.

“There are two things that I’ll be doing after the launch. Firstly I’ll be working on two music videos for songs off the album such as the title track Ndinoda Imimi. Secondly, I’ll embark on a national tour to promote the album and I’ll start with Bulawayo before branching out to other cities and towns,” said Prudence.

The album is for the young and old, easy on the ear and simple to follow and sing along. It has a touch of gospel music that uplifts the soul and is littered with social commentary with messages raising awareness on women abuse.

Meanwhile, KGVI pupils launched their book successfully just before Prudence’s performance. The book titled Feel Free was written by pupils in the school where they shared their fears, triumphs and thoughts. The Chronicle