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Sangoma robbed…..The robbers are going to suffer and wander the streets, he threatens

By Gibson Mhaka

SPIRITUAL tragedy!
A self-proclaimed sangoma in Bulawayo was on Friday last week left counting his losses after he was allegedly robbed of his bag containing all tools of the trade while on his way from a healing session in Gwanda.

Patrick Chauke

A livid Patrick Chauke claimed he was robbed of his bag containing powerful spells and magic charms that can cure all kinds of ailments.

He said the bag was a gift from his ancestors that protected and gave him strength to heal people and goblin busting.

The robbers taught him a lesson he will never forget.

“It was around 4am when I stopped a Honda Fit heading to town. In the car were four men and when we reached the Entumbane area the car just stopped and I became worried. I tried to switch on the inside light but it was faulty and I noticed something was wrong,” he recounts.

It took a few minutes.

“In a blink of an eye one of the men produced a knife and ordered me together with that woman I had boarded with to surrender our property. They took her handbag and my wallet which had $150 and a black bag containing my healing muthi and other secret medication,” he said.

He was robbed together with another female passenger who lost a wallet containing $150, cellphones and clothes.

Chauke now feels hopeless, violated and deprived and will seek revenge.

“The robbers are going to suffer and wander the streets. They are going to be haunted by bad luck for a long time. I am now dreaming about these robbers coming to me to apologise, but I see myself refusing to accept their apology,” said Chauke adding that he was now facing huge problems as he could not assist people.

He said a Good Samaritan who ferried them, helped him open a case of armed robbery under case number IR 6352/ 18 at the Bulawayo Central Police Station where it is being investigated.

Meanwhile, cases of crimes involving Honda Fits have been on the increase and police have been warning the public against boarding unregistered pirate taxis. B-Metro