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I didn’t chicken out – Sulu

By Rest Mutore

Suluman Chimbetu says he did not chicken out when he decided to postpone the release of his album. Sulu had promised to release the album weeks before Alick Macheso’s Dzinosvitsa Kure but shifted goal posts, a move critics argued was panic driven.

Suluman Chimbetu
Suluman Chimbetu

This, however, is not the case for Sulu who performed before a full house at Mushandirapamwe Hotel in Highfield over the weekend.

“It is always good to operate at your own pace so that you give your fans the best. It is actually dangerous to operate under pressure only to avoid people from talking.

“This has nothing to do with fellow musicians but what we believe at Orchestra Dendera Kings,” said Sulu.

Captain Sulu, as his fans prefer to call him, also scoffed at reports that he is running out of steam.

And indeed, the crowd he attracted Saturday night at Mushandirapamwe Hotel was a clear message that he still has the magic.

“People who appreciate art will always come to shows. Those who say such things possibly don’t come to shows or don’t pay when they come. We are in an industry full of critics.

“This is showbiz, sometimes you fill venues, and sometimes it goes the other way. Tell me an artiste who never tasted a flop. Even political parties know about flops.

“Look at the crowd that came to support us tonight (at Mushandirapamwe). We are content,” he said.

The dendera music flag bearer claims his signature is still on demand among promoters who believe in his artistry and will continue giving the best.

He is set to return to the United Kingdom next month for another performance which has been dubbed ‘Back by Public Demand’ by the promoters.

Sulu, who never disappointed since his debut album, promised dendera fans the best.

While there are plans to release the album during the Simon Chimbetu commemorations in August, the musician said the exact date will be released soon.

“We have finished recording and will announce the release dates soon but we are planning on something special for our fans.

“There is something special in store. While we leave it to the fans to judge, we are promising the best,” said Sulu.

Sulu has been performing some of the new songs during live shows and the response is overwhelming. H-Metro