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June – the month of ‘unplanned’ pregnancies

By Vendetta Mtunzi

A leading health professional has sensationally alleged that June and December are months when most couples drop the ball in protected sex leading to pregnancy.

Mpilo Hospital Clinical Director Dr Solwayo Ngwenya said with more deliveries coming in October and March, the babies were a result of December and June activities.

“Most deliveries are highest during October and March meaning some of those babies are conceived in June and December,” he said.

This month being June, B-Metro caught up with a few couples who opened up on their sexual life and how they deal with unwanted pregnancies in this cold, tempting season.

“This month is tricky especially for those who don’t use any control methods. To be honest when it is this cold all I think about as a man is not to withdraw. It’s warm and amazing and the cold that I feel outside contributes to me to do it,” said Lungile Dlodlo, husband to Lwandile Nkala.

His wife also said she could not resist him when it’s cold but protection is key.

“Guys this is June we are talking about. It’s the winter season and when I say a lot of babies are made in June I won’t be lying. For my preparation for winter I’ve already been to the hospital and I got my loop,”said Nkala.

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She spoke about the joys of winter sex.

“Winter sex is magical because when it’s cold sex is the hobby for such a month. I use the loop for the winter season then after that I get it removed,” she added.

Asked if the side effects were making her regret her decision Nkala hinted: “I really have gotten used to the side effects so my decision was a good one.”

Sindiso Lumba, another young woman who uses Jadelle opened up.

“I get headaches, heart burn, nausea, non-stop bleeding, you name it, the list is never ending. To me having Jadelle in my body is one of the few mistakes I made this year. It has been frustrating and I will definitely be getting it removed soon,” said Lumba.

Perseverance Mumba, a medical practitioner, explained that before one makes a decision of which control method to use they should approach their doctor for medical advice and she added that she would not advise the public to use pull-out method as it is riskiest.

“Ask for medical advice from your doctor before you decide which control method to use and the pull- out method is the riskiest of them all,” she said.

B-Metro caught up with Bonginkosi Ncube who spoke about how he was against all methods of birth control.

He said the condom makes sex artificial to him and he did not want to be blamed by his girlfriend later on in life because she could no longer conceive due to him having advised her to turn to birth control methods.

“I use the pull-out method, the best for me since I don’t want any trouble. Imagine getting blamed by your wife for having her use birth control methods when she can no longer give birth, so to avoid that I use the pull-out method,” added Ncube.

The pull-out method is withdrawing the manhood from the female sex organ just before ejaculation.

“It’s frustrating as you will be experiencing orgasm during sexual intercourse and you are left disappointed to pull out all of a sudden and the pleasure is taken away. It’s like you are on climax then the next second you are on nothing,” added Ncube. B-Metro