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Texas man nearly dies after being bitten by severed head of rattlesnake he had just killed

By Andy Wells | Yahoo News |

A man in Texas was given 26 rises of anti-venom after he was bitten by the severed head of a poisonous rattlesnakeThe victim’s wife, Jennifer Sutcliffe, said that her husband decapitated the four-foot serpent with a shovel while working in the garden at their home near Corpus Christi.

However, when he picked up the remains to dispose of them, the head of the snake bit him, provoking immediate seizures.

The man was rushed to hospital and treated with several doses of anti-venom CroFab.

A week after the incident, the man is suffering from weakened kidney function but his condition is said to be stable, according to KIII-TV.

Leslie Boyer, an anti-venom doctor at the University of Arizona VIPER Institute, said that killing deadly snakes – especially by cutting them – was a bad idea.

She told Gizmodo: ‘It’s cruel to the animal and it leaves you with a smaller piece that’s venomous to pick up…

‘The head end of a cut-up rattlesnake can continue to function, including the venom glands, for a long time afterward and, in fact, the other half continues to work. It’ll rise and rattle.’

Rattlesnakes are believed to be the leading contributor to snakebite injuries in North America.