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Tuku reinvents himself

By Bridget Mananavire

Music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi’s recent dressing comprising slim fitting tracksuit, with tight track pants has divided opinion over his fashion sense.

Oliver Mtukudzi (left) with Juntal (middle) and an unidentified man pose for a picture recently
Oliver Mtukudzi (left) with Juntal (middle) and an unidentified man pose for a picture recently

The picture which has created all the hype around the superstar’s dressing — circulating on social media — was seemingly taken at the Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) where Tuku posed with rhumba artiste Juntal and another unidentified person.

The posted picture has a caption reading: “whoever is dressing Tuku…has to stop immediately, it’s not funny anymore.”

TeamGermany @PrinceBaMichael wrote: “@TukuOfficial Mhhh manheru akanaka mudhara Tuku! Dressing yamuri kurova these days haina chimiro. Mava munhu mukuru imi apa makaonda kudarika ini. Pfekai semunhu mukuru. Muri elder imi (good evening Mudhara Tuku, the dressing that you are donning these days does not have dignity. You are an elder and you are slim, dress appropriately.”

To which Mtukudzi replied: “Kupa mafungiro nemawonero ako pane chero nyaya, chiitiko kana zviitiko hazvirambidzwe pamutemo wedu pasi rose, mabatanidziro awunoita mazwi ako ndiwo chete anozoita kuti vanhu vazive kuti hunhu hwako hwakamira sei, zvipfeko ndinogona kuchinja pamaminutes maviri, hunhu makwikwi! (Saying out your opinion in whatever issue or happening is allowed worldover. However, how you phrase your words is what make people know the kind of person you are or character, dressing is something that can be changed, but a person’s values and character, that’s difficult to change).

However, the user received a bit of bashing from people who responded to his tweet castigating him for the way he had brought up the issue saying Tuku’s dressing was his choice and nobody’s business.

The superstar has always explored with fashion, even owning a shoe brand called Haikobo.

He has also created various trademarks, with the recent one being a brown sling bag that he carries around everywhere even on stage.

For years now the brown sling leather bag has been his trend, with speculation rife on what he carries in it.

Tuku recently opened up about the contents in his brown leather sling bag ending the speculation.

According, to the 65-year-old, he borrowed the trend from the old days when older men used to go around their business carrying nhava, which they would conveniently use to put things they would have picked up along the way.

“It’s a necessity, vakuru vakare vaigara nenhava (our forefathers used to carry man bags) as they went about if they pick up mice, birds, they would put in there. There are all sorts of things in my bag, passports and other things. I even go with it on stage because sometimes I don’t get someone to hold it for me,” Tuku said.

“I usually have my passport in there, I can open up for you to see, and there are also shades in here.”

Tuku then opened it up for the Daily News and inside were shades, a wallet as well as a pen, which he said he used to jot down ideas as they came to him. DailyNews