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Madlela Skhobokhobo readies to launch album

By Mthabisi Tshuma

When he released his first song, Ngamnanka uSaMamo, which became an instant hit in the southern region of the country, many were convinced that Madlela Skhobokhobo would dominate the rhumba genre with similar hits.

Madlela Skhobokhobo

That however, has not been the case as the artiste is yet to drop his second album, over a year since he gained fame.

The Nkayi-born and Gwanda-bred artiste is expected to release his second album in August that will be a continuation of his hit song which has seen him win a number of awards.

The album is set to diffuse genres with the musician set to feature a gospel artist, a twist to Fungisai who once collaborated with Killer T on their hit song Vanondibatirana. Gospel artistes always light up such collaborations and who knows what is being cooked in the studio.

“I haven’t released anything for now, but expect fireworks with my album which will be launched sometime in August this year. The album is a follow up to the first hit song as I’ll be continuing with the story of SaMamo.

“My fans should expect a well crafted follow-up that’s quite interesting. As many know that I don’t only specialise in rhumba, I’ll also be collaborating with one talented gospel artiste as a way of thanking God for the great things he has done in my career and the way fans have supported me,” Madlela said.

In March, Madlela held a successful show dubbed “Madlela Day” at Pelandaba Stadium in Gwanda where over two thousand fans thronged the venue to commemorate the celebrations.

As an actor who made his breakthrough through street theatre in Johannesburg, South Africa, Madlela is being imitated from all corners of the Matabeleland region as many are going in a frenzy with his “crazy” skits.

One cannot deny that he has the potential to take over the realm of one of the greatest street comedy groups that ever graced the streets of the City of Kings and Queens, Omkula and not leaving out Timmy naBhonzo, with the nation in mourning over talented actor Lawrence “Mdhara Bhonzo” Simbarashe who died recently.

Madlela has been quiet over the year hence he was not nominated at this
year’s Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (RoilBAA).

“Of course I had no chance to be nominated for the Rhumba category as I didn’t release anything this year. I personally didn’t submit anything as well. But in terms of the male artist of the year, if they’re saying they were using visibility and activeness in the music industry, I feel I was sidelined as over the year, I’ve been visible and active with gigs from all around the city and nearby towns. My Madlela Day is proof of such visibility,” he said.

Madlela is trending on social media with fans giving him a thumbs up over his new video, “Madlela gives Mugabe a call”.

Quizzed whether he had joined the political comedy sphere, Madlela
responded: “No, no, no. Our country does not entail us to do such things
as the environment at times might not be conducive enough.

“I only did that video because it was what I was thinking at the time. I am a creative guy and if I think about something, definitely I’ll relay it in a comical way.”

“As for my next album, if something political avails and interests me, then definitely expect a politically oriented song,” said the soft  spoken Madlela.

For now, Madlela is focusing on the production of a television program on ZBCtv named Qoki Our Legends, which is his brainchild. It was premiered this week and is set to be aired every Tuesday at 7:30PM.

The documentary is to appreciate the valuable lessons the nation’s legends have imparted to the societies they serve or live in. Such legends include Pathisa Nyathi, Ndumiso Gumede and Nkululeko Dube. The Chronicle