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Babes was given to me by God — Mampintsha

An unrepentant Mampintsha says he is still in love with Babes Wodumo and wants to marry her despite allegations of assault levelled against him.

Babes Wodomo and Mampintsha
Babes Wodomo and Mampintsha

“I love Babes wholeheartedly. I didn’t even know that she had dumped me, I heard from you [Metro FM] on Friday. That’s why I [was engaged to] her because I wanted to take our love to the next level,” he said in Zulu on Metro FM earlier this week.

During a live broadcast of The Drive on Friday with hosts Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu last week, Mampintsha —real name Mandla Maphumulo —was accused of physically abusing Babes. Babes said she broke up with the music boss in March after he had allegedly punched and kicked her to an extent of sustaining a broken leg at some point.

The Wololo hitmaker, real name Bongekile Simelane, said she had moved on. Mampintsha lost it several times during the interview and charged at Ndlovu, accusing her of meddling in his relationship. He insisted that his relationship problems with Simelane were “no different from everyone else’s”.

“Ever since I started dating Babes there’ve been fights. I have been fighting for Babes and there are bigger problems than these. People are trying to ruin my name,” he added.

The interview was marred by on-and-off rantings from Mampintsha and dismissive undertones as he indirectly ignored questions. Mampintsha denied abusing Babes and said everything was exaggerated by third parties.

“There were no punches involved or breaking of legs, hence you hear people asking where are pictures and where are medical records … I am also shocked. Babes and I come a very long way. Babes was given to me by God,” he said, sounding rather delusional.

“I am shocked that it’s other people who are talking on behalf of Babes. If I had done what is said I did, I am sure there would be pictures posted and we’d have broken up a long time ago. We have our problems,” he insisted.

The West Ink boss did not respond directly to questions asked but instead asked for prayers to help him and his “girlfriend” fix their relationship problems.

When Ndlovu insisted it was over, he dismissed her saying she spoke too much as “if you are my girlfriend”.

However, he admitted posting pictures of Babes on her Instagram page and said this was because they were engaged. Babes had said, in the Friday interview, that Mampintsha had posted the picture of her wearing an engagement ring and looking pregnant on social media last week.

He said he last spoke to Babes on Tuesday last week when she told him she was promoting her new single.

Meanwhile, Babes Wodumo’s father Reverend Welcome Simelane has slammed the way Ndlovu handled the interview with his daughter‚ in which she claimed Babes was being abused by Mampintsha.

In a statement issued to the media, Reverend Welcome said his daughter was “caught off guard” during the interview.

“Metro FM left us with many unanswered questions. It was clear from the interview that our daughter was not ready and was caught off guard by the presenter. We hope responses about this interview will come from those relevant,” said Welcome.

He said that the family had no knowledge of the claims. “We were shocked to hear about it (the alleged abuse)‚ we want the nation to know that we are against any kind of abuse against women. We were not even aware they were dating.”

Welcome also revealed that Babes was now an independent artist and had started her own record label‚ Wena Wodumo Entertainment.

“Afterall‚ we thank Mandla Maphumulo for discovering talent in Babes and grooming her to be where she currently is. We thank all those who supported our daughter‚ it truly showed how much she is loved.”

Masechaba also faced major backlash for the way she handled the interview as Babes said she did not want to comment and then wept when the claims were been made.

SABC spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago however said that the SABC fully stands behind the manner in which Masechaba conducted the interview.

He seemed to take the stance that Masechaba had a “responsibility to expose what is happening.”

“There have been reports about the alleged abuse in print publications before, but as it happened on radio for some reason people are only reacting now.”

“She might have been on the show to promote her album, but Masechaba did what she had to do, and took advantage of the situation to ask about the abuse allegations,” Kganyago said.

He added: “Babes had the opportunity to answer or decline to speak up.”

He also spoke about the prevalence of domestic abuse in the media and said: “It’s our responsibility as a media house to deal and speak up on these issues.”  The Chronicle