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Fires, strange voices, falling stones. . . Haunted family deserts homestead

Mysterious fires, strange voices, stones falling mysteriously from the sky destroying doors, windows and roofs thereby causing injury to people are among the many strange things that are on a daily basis haunting a family in Bikita, Masvingo Province.

Obey Makuwe,
Obey Makuwe

So scary are the incidents that some members of the Makuwe family under Chief Mpakwa have abandoned what remains of their home and opted to stay in an urban area.

Because the causes of the fires are unknown, the family and other villagers insinuated that the outbreak could be a spiritual attack on the family or was being caused by an avenging spirit – uzimu/ngozi.

“We are living in fear. We are afraid the remaining structures will also burn down at any time, hence some family members ran away and people are always asking me why I remained behind,”said 19-year-old Obey Makuwe .

He, however, hinted that the fire outbreak was abnormal and could be a spiritual attack on the family, before calling on the family to continue to offer prayers to God to put an end to the incident.

“We do not know what wrong we have done to deserve such pain and mysterious occurrences in our family. The rocks have been falling mysteriously from the sky for months and are not just damaging houses but have also caused physical injuries to us.

“We are also being insulted by strange voices whenever we try to put out the fire,” a visibly shaken Obey said.

According to Obey, the mysterious fire outbreak started in January last year, but so far, no life had been lost in the occurrence.

“This fire is mysterious because it is not a result of an electrical fault or bush fires. One just notices that fire from nowhere; it will start burning and before you know it, it has started destroying houses.

“This started in January last year, but no life has been lost since the outbreak. I don’t know the meaning of this strange fire which cannot be traced to a cause,” said a teary Obey.

One of the neighbours who spoke to B-Metro and said property worth thousands of dollars, had been lost to the mysterious fire also expressed gratitude to God that no life had been lost.

“Maybe it is ngozi (avenging spirit) or something else. It is quite abnormal for fire to appear from nowhere and start destroying properties within the family,” said a neighbour who refused to be named.

Chief Mpakwa said the incident was a first for the area.

“We fear for the worst. It is unbelievable that houses can be burnt without any cause. This is scary not only for the family but for the whole village.

“We call upon those who have better knowledge on things like this to come and assist this family and the community,” Chief Mpakwa said. B-Metro