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Woman needs $28 000 for breast cancer medication

By Thandeka Moyo

A woman from Bulawayo is appealing to well wishers to help her raise at least $28 000 for a year’s breast cancer medication. Ms Sihlesinkosi Mkondo was diagnosed with stage 2 cancer last October and was advised to start chemotherapy to stop the cancer cells from spreading.

Ms Sihlesinkosi Mkondo
Ms Sihlesinkosi Mkondo

Cancer has five stages and only stage one and two can be cured. When the cancer develops to other stages, a patient can only be given palliative treatment to ease pain before death.

Ms Mkondo told The Chronicle that further tests showed that the type of breast cancer she has requires her to also take Herceptin or trastuzumab every two weeks for a year which costs about $2 000 per dose.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year in October and had to undergo an operation. However, after the operation it was discovered that the cancer had developed to stage two and I was to start my chemotherapy and radiography to contain the situation as the cancer cells are spreading at an alarming rate,” she said.

“I also did further tests in November and that is when I discovered that I needed to take some medication coupled with radiotherapy to win the fight”.

According to Ms Mkondo one dose costs about $2 000 at local pharmacies and she has to take a dose after every two weeks.

“I have managed to find a cheaper quotation and so far I have raised money for one dose. Doctors cannot start treatment without the assurance that I will finish the course hence my plea to members of the public,” she said.

Ms Mkondo is a shopkeeper in the city.

“I cannot afford to raise the total cost and so far I can only use my salary to pay for chemotherapy which costs me $125 a week. I hope to raise the money so the cancer doesn’t develop further,” she said.

Ms Mkondo can be reached on +263772400000 for EcoCash transactions and her account details are Cabs Acc 1000111857, Causeway Branch in Harare.

“I will soon be completing the chemotherapy and I hope to have raised enough money so that all these interventions can assist to fight the cancer cells,” she said.

The Ministry of health is on record urging the people to seek treatment early but the challlenge is that most people cannot afford the costs involved. The Chronicle