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Killer T arrives for Zim Cup Clash UK

Zimdancehall sensation Killer T arrived in the United Kingdom on Thursday for the annual Zim Cup Clash UK competition in which he is slated to be the headline performer over the weekend.

Promoter King Alfred, Killer T and Simbarashe "Bodyslam" Chakare
Promoter King Alfred, Killer T and Simbarashe “Bodyslam” Chakare

Accompanying Killer T from Zimbabwe was promoter/DJ Simbarashe ‘Bodyslam’ Chakare. The duo was met at Heathrow Airport in London by music promoter King Alfred.

King Alfred has been running the annual Zim Cup Clash UK for the past 13 years.

It will be a busy programme for Killer T though. The Cup Clash is on Saturday in Leicester and on Sunday the crew move to Luton for the official opening of the Dunstable Family Barbecue.

For details of the show and tickets: CLICK HERE

Next week on Thursday Killer T flies off to Cyprus for a show.

A press conference starting at 7pm has been scheduled for the University of Bedfordshire (LU1 3JU), Luton on Friday (today).