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Wither not the West – Poem by Patience Muyeye

Wither not the West

By Patience Muyeye

From civilisation in Zimbabwe to the enlightened thinking

Which was anchored on missionary schools and universities

To mission hospitals that never miss actions on compassion

Zimbabwe still need your assistance and unwavering support

Rise Zimbabwe rise beyond man made barriers and overcome

Decades and decades of looting and thieving


Western powers do not ditch Zimbabwe in the dungeon of waste

Reconsider your ability to build a nation that shine beyond our comprehension

Only invest when Zimbabwe insist on free and fair elections

Be the engine facilitating the accurate and correct elections

Push Zimbabwe towards the jurisdiction of justice and fairness

Plant your wisdom of democracy dominance and uproot corruption

Faint not on the last hurdle to resuscitate ailing Zimbabwe

Patience Muyeye is a passionate advocate of human rights and an activist who wants to change Zimbabwe. She is a poet as well and a strong campaigner, demonstrator for justice and fairness.