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Soul Jah Love pleads for divine intervention

By Vasco Chaya

Zimdancehall star Soul Jah Love, who recently assaulted his wife Bounty Lisa after alleging that she had been impregnated by a city drug dealer, has appealed for divine help in a just-released song.

Soul Jah Love assaulted wife Bounty Lisa
Soul Jah Love assaulted wife Bounty Lisa

The song Nzira Dzakanaka implores God to help the artiste in mending his crooked ways as well as helping him to overcome problems associated with his life.

The song comes barely two months after the artiste made headlines in newspapers for attacking his wife with fists and an iron bar, alleging she had been impregnated by a city drug dealer.

The incident left the Ndini Uya Uya hit maker a laughing stock in society.

“Zvandangovawo chiseko chenyika, zvese zvandoita zvabva zvangodhanganyika, vamwe vanoti zvinowanika…Mwari ndivo vega makanika…ndoda kugezwa munyama…pamwe angava madhimoni aye ekwaRigiyoni . . . (Now, I’ve become a laughing stock, everything I embark on hits a brick- wall . . . God is the problem solver. . . I want to be cleansed…maybe it is because of demons,” goes part of the lyrics on the song.

Zimdancehall songstress Bounty Lisa, who has had an on-and-off relationship with Soul Jah Love, attributed her problems with Jah Love to drugs which make him hallucinate.

“Zvandochemera kucheneswa…zvandoita zvive zvakanaka…ndive mwanakomana akanaka…nokuti pamwe pacho unenge uchiti ukuzvifadza apa uchizvikuvadza . . . uchizviparadza . . . chindivhurirai google maps ndigoziva pekutsika mumasteps. (I yearn to be cleansed…mend my ways…I want to be a good person…at times we destroy ourselves without knowing it… now show me the map to follow,” Jah Love sang in the new song.

Since he became popular, Soul Jah Love made a lot of errors and controversies. He broke up with his former manager Courage Zikhali a couple of years ago.

“He terminated the contract after I tried to restrain him from abusing drugs. I took this decision after I discovered empty bottles of broncleer,” Zikhali said then, but in his defence, the artiste said Zikhali was trying to take advantage of him.

In 2014, he was dragged to police by Mutare businessman-cum-promoter Esau Mupfumi after the musician failed to fulfil contractual agreements.

The artiste was billed to perform at Mupfumi’s Pick and Save joint now known as The Platinum but was nowhere to be found on the day of the concert despite him being paid well in advance. He only fulfilled the obligation later,  thanks to the police’s intervention.

The artiste was also reportedly chased fans in Mutare with a golf putt after they overwhelmed him for photo shoots.

As if that was not enough, he went on to chase fans attending one of the concerts featuring him and Suluman Chimbetu in Harare some years ago. He argued that he was not aware of the event hence dispersing his fans.

He also threatened two journalists from State-owned media outlets with death for covering him “negatively.” Daily News