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Zanu PF and ZEC caught pants down in Russia

By Don Chigumba

I was shocked to the end of my life upon seeing images on a photograph alleged to have been of the ZEC chairperson and the president’s advisor. I suffered a heart attack again and writing this article from hospital.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba seen here with War Veterans leader and Presidential Advisor Chris Mutsvangwa in Russia
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) chairperson Priscilla Chigumba seen here with War Veterans leader and Presidential Advisor Chris Mutsvangwa in Russia

This piece seeks to urge the opposition forces to unite and seek for answers from the government and ZEC through an ultimatum. There is no doubt that the image and credibility of 2018 elections has been soiled by  the alleged mission of the two in Russia. Zimbabweans have a right to demand for answers from the government/ZEC, the dust should be cleared as immediate as possible.

The future of the future generations is on 2018 elections. Poverty/ unemployment in Zimbabwe is the order of the day. Zimbabwe is the only country in the world with university graduates working as vendors and street executive directors.

Parents are wailing day and night, seen their children becoming hopeless and unemployed. The only hope for all these challenges is on 2018 elections.

The alleged photo of the ZEC chairperson and president’s advisor has eroded our hope of economic recovery, free, fair and transparent elections in 2018.

There are serious allegations that Russia manipulated previous elections in United States of America. The diplomatic relations between America and Russia deteriorated sharply because of the allegations of Russia’s interference with previous American elections. Therefore, the government and ZEC should exonerate themselves on this matter.

The president’s adviser, alleged to have been photographed with ZEC chairperson in Russia is a man of questionable and evil character. He is alleged to be the man behind the coup that toppled former president Mugabe out of power. There is also an allegation that he was the person who told the president not to include opposition members in his cabinet.  Seeing such cruel man with those in control of the Zimbabwe’s electoral body should not be taken for granted.

I am on record telling the opposition not to legitimize ZANU PF military government through the 2018 elections. It is better for the military government to remain a ‘coup government’ rather than promoting them to glory of corruption.

Let me express my gratitude to the presidential candidate for MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa. Coming up with the PEACE DOCUMENT was a noble idea. The document demands for free, fair and transparent election via electoral reforms.

Nelson Chamisa was quoted by the media threatening to call for a constitutional mass action against the government on election reforms.  I want to urge Nelson Chamisa not to threaten the government with mass action but to DO IT because 2018 elections should be used to save the future of the future generations to come.

Nelson Chamisa should also include all opposition fighters on board. Joice Mujuru should not be undermined, she brought down a helicopter from several miles away by a gun during the liberation struggle. Joice Mujuru should now direct her gun towards electoral reforms.

Mutinhiri is another important player in this fight, he knows how the previous elections have been massaged and we need him to display his political acrobatics on election reforms. He is the man who told the world about 5000 soldiers deployed to villages by the military government and expect more to come from him.

Khupe is also our gallant daughter in the struggle, the surrogate mother of MDC-T, her push on reforms is highly called for. I therefore, want to encourage the civil society and all serious opposition leaders to come together and push for electoral reforms and justice.


No election reforms no 2018 elections. It is better for the current military government to remain a ‘coup government’ rather than legitimizing them via 2018 elections.

I know that Zimbabweans are peaceful people and should therefore make use of their constitutional rights to press for election reforms and justice. The association of ZEC and government with Russia should only be limited to economic ties but not to election massaging.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist; find him on twitter @DonChigumba