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The impending R.G. Mugabe coup against President E.D. Mnangagwa is justified

By Don Chigumba

The elders say, if you use a sword to kill your fellow, you will die by the same sword. Therefore, this piece seeks to demonstrate that ED and ZANU PF are more vulnerable to Mugabe’s revenge before the 2018 elections. ED and the military made a blander by grabbing power through force and humiliating R.G Mugabe in the process. What ED and military did not know was that, power is not grabbed or take by force but is given by the people.

ZANU PF youths should stop their bad habit of soiling the image of anyone with a different view. During the period when R.G Mugabe was a president of the republic, they were convinced that he was from heaven. Majority of ZANU PF supporters were calling Mugabe ‘the son of God’. Today, because Mugabe has a different direction to follow, the same ZANU PF youths of yesterday want to chop off his head.

The ZANU PF youth chairperson was recently quoted by the media declaring that they are going to vigorously push Mugabe against a political wall, that they are going to make his life difficult just because R.G Mugabe is on the revenge path.

The ZANU PF youths chairperson has demonstrated that ZANU PF is a party of violence. ZANU PF has not yet apologized for the murder of 20,000 innocent civilians in Matabeleland, they slaughtered Mabika, Chinya and quite a number of MDC-T supporters in cold blood. The former Chipangano leader Jim recently testified to this and asked for the forgiveness from the Zimbabweans. Instead of requesting for forgiveness, ZANU PF youths are now seeking for R.G Mugabe’s head.

We told ZANU PF long back that they abused the land reform program for the benefit of ZANU PF leadership and they labeled us enemies of the State. R.G Mugabe has decided to support opposition in order to remove ED from power and the move has caused confusion in ZANU PF.

Now, for the first time, ZANU PF has accepted that Mugabe grabbed 21 farms and they are promising to repossess them. My message to ED is that, ‘land reform correction exercise’ should be handled with objectivity and not to be used to settle political differences. R.G Mugabe is only part of a problem and ‘land reform correction policies’ should be for the entire nation and not for individuals.

R.G Mugabe’s revenge against ED and ZANU PF is  justified because the military humiliated him. General B.S Moyo claimed (during the controversial coup) on national television that they were ‘targeting criminal elements against Mugabe’ however, Mugabe ended up becoming a target.

One would expect the military to target Mpoko, Moyo, Mzembi, Chombo, Chimene and others but they ended up forcing Mugabe to resign. At the end of it all, Mugabe became a primary target. The military should accept that they lied to the nation and Mugabe cannot take it lightly.

As long as Mugabe is alive, ED will find it difficult to lead Zimbabwe and the elections of 2018 are likely to be a disaster in the history of ZANU PF leadership. It is true that R.G Mugabe has got all the secrets of ZANU PF and its leaders. ZANU PF is currently in a state of confusion because they know R.G Mugabe well.

It is ZANU PF government of ED that declared R.G Mugabe a Father of the Nation. They didn’t know the meaning of a Father of the Nation. ED and ZANU PF made a blunder by declaring Mugabe a Father of the Nation, they should have declared him a ‘Father of ZANU PF’ if they were to control him.

I saw R.G Mugabe posing for a photo with opposition leaders, that is what a father of the nation should do. A father of the Nation is the symbol unity and inclusivity, should be above party politics. For ED and ZANU PF to claim the ownership of R.G Mugabe is wrong because they promoted R.G Mugabe to become a father of everyone.


I am therefore appealing to the President of MDC Alliance Nelson Chamisa  to lead his team to the Blue Roof and meet the father of the nation. R.G Mugabe should be willing to give them a lecture on how they should stop the alleged rigging of 2018 elections. I have a feeling that the rigging strategies will be exposed anytime from now. Let us wait and see.

The R.G Mugabe coup against ED is inevitable because the military led by a bad example. Power is not grabbed but is given by the people. Mugabe is likely to lead a successful underground rebellion against ED and I can see criminal elements around ED being removed by Nelson Chamisa in July 2018 presidential election.

Don Chigumba is a mixed methods research specialist based in South Africa